Test EWC 8 Hours of Suzuka 2022: Van dir …

After finishing yesterday the two days of testing of the 43rd edition of the 8 Hours of Suzuka 2022, the riders were able to express themselves on this first hierarchy seen in Japan dominated by the official Honda.

The article will be updated based on the communications of the teams …

The HRC team manager, Kazuhiko Yamanosaid: ” We did all the tests we had planned for the 8 Hours of Suzuka, collecting very good data. Our competitors have been faster than we expected, so we will enter the race week by making adjustments and strategies accordingly. Nagashima and our other riders have made good long runs and together they form a great team. »

Tetsuta Nagashima : ” We adapted to the bikes and did tests such as confirming fuel consumption. The competition was also in the range of 2min 6s, but we are not very worried. All that matters is preparing well in advance of race week. We will train as planned and take steps to deal with the heat. »

Takumi Takahashi : ” I tried to do times similar to Nagashima, but I couldn’t catch up. However, I did a lap in 2min 6.9s during a long run. The bike is different from the BSB, so I’m getting used to it and my understanding of the bike is improving. I will focus on riding and feeling the bike. There were a lot of bikes on the track, it was hot, and I hadn’t done the Suzuka circuit in a long time, but it was a good workout. »

Iker Lecuona : ” We managed to ride a lot during the two days of testing. I was able to perfect my driving style for the 8 hours of Suzuka, improve fuel consumption and do some long runs. The bike is very similar to my usual WorldSBK bike, the only difference being the size of the fuel tank. Power is not as high for fuel consumption reasons, but it is very similar. I will do my best at WorldSBK and prepare for Suzuka. »

Karel Hanika : ” It was nice to reassemble Suzuka after four years. I had to relearn the track because it was my first time riding the Yamaha R1 on this circuit, so it was important to work with my teammates. Our main goal was to find the best tires for the different parts of the race and the classification. It has gone well and we have found good solutions. We still have work to do with the electronics, but the suspension was great. The team has done a great job and we have improved session after session. We are ready to fight with other factories and give the best of ourselves.»

Niccolò Canepa : ” We are delighted with how the test has gone. We didn’t have high expectations when we arrived, as some of the other factory teams had already tested on the circuit, and it was our first time here since 2019. The first mission was to get used to the YART R1 track. with the new electronics, but we managed to finish the test in second place overall, so we’re happy. We’re happy with our lap times, but we still need to improve the race pace a bit, as some of the factory equipment is a bit faster, but we still have a few more days of testing left to fix it. It will be interesting to see what we can do, but the team did an amazing job and the Bridgestone tires worked really well on this circuit, so we think we can be strong. »

Marvin Fritz : “ We did a great test! We’ve been fast from the start. The first session was wet, but in the second dry session, on the third lap, we were already at 2:08, so we knew we had a good pace from the start. We still have things to work with the bike, but we’ve already found a good base and our lap times prove it. During race week we will also have our team manager Andrew Pitt with us; it will definitely help us go even faster. We were all fast and had the same pace during our long runs. It’s a satisfaction to finish second overall ahead of some factory teams, as most of them have already tested on the circuit this year, and it was the first time we’ve been there since 2019. We’re glad it was a good test, and now we can’t wait to run. »

Jonathan Rea : ” Above all, it is always a pleasure to return to Japan and ride the Ninja ZX-10RR in Endurance format. It’s very different from the WorldSBK bike, especially when it comes to electronics, fuel mapping strategy, and tires. The circuit is fairly new, so the first day was a bit of learning to get back to speed. Gradually I felt better and better. Every time we were able to run, it was going faster, so we will keep it connected with the race weekend. It’s great to have the KRT team here and also share the garage with Alex. It’s great, everything is quiet, everyone knows each other. I look forward to coming back in a few weeks to see all the fans and soak up the atmosphere of the race. It’s one of the biggest challenges of the season. I am excited, especially after this positive test. “

Alex Lowes : ” It has been great to be here in Japan. My first time in green at 8am from Suzuka! We had two good days of work with our preparations for this year’s race. It’s a pleasure to work with Jonathan, because I usually run against him. So working together to try to improve the setup of the bike has been very good as well as the atmosphere on the team. I can’t wait to get back to the race. I felt better with the bike every time we did it. Obviously, adapting the WorldSBK takes a bit of time, and this race is a little different. But overall, it was a very positive test and I am very excited to join Johnny and Leon next month for the 8 hours of Suzuka 2022. »

Guim Roda (KRT team people): “ For our first day of driving, we did four sessions; the first in the rain and the other three dry, or almost. In fact, during the last ten minutes of the fourth session, there were a few small drops of rain and we decided to stop early. From a technical standpoint, we are working with KMC to find a good chassis configuration for the Ninja ZX-10RR and to define the best engine strategy that fits the overall competition and driving strategy. Endurance racing is a real science and many factors need to be considered as part of a global strategy, and everyone involved needs to understand this and the role they play. As for the riders, Jonathan and Alex keep pace with the bike, the tires and the track. They’ve both won here before, so they know how to work methodically for the race itself. At the stand, the main goal is to create an efficient environment for all of us to collaborate; KRT Provec members and KMC engineers working as a support team for this particular career. Our combined years of experience and our understanding of effective organization make this task easier than it sounds. It is encouraging and motivating to have the support of KMC Japan and we will partner to build something solid using KRT’s WorldSBK project as a foundation. Our mission for the Suzuka 8hours 2022 is simple, we want to create a very strong, stable and successful project and this goal is progressing well. »

Xavier Simeó : ” At the moment the championship is going pretty well even though we had bad luck at Spa in the last 24 hours, but the goal is to add as many points here in the 8 Hours of Suzuka and try to control the Golden Bowl. with a very good result, as the goal is to try to win the World Cup at the end of the year. »

Josh Hook : ” I thought we could do more on the first day, but the bike needed more tweaks and tweaks. As the sessions progressed, the changes we made allowed us to go faster. On the second day we managed to make a lot of improvements, but we will make even more adjustments before the 8 Hours of Suzuka which will be demanding, especially for the tires. »

Gino Rea : “ The first day was the first time I rode the Honda / Bridgestone combination on Suzuka. I was a little disappointed because my times weren’t as good as I wanted them to be. The bike setup improved the second day and my lap times improved. There will be more testing during race week, and hopefully we can improve the bike even further. »

Mike Di Meglio : ” Things improved a lot on the second day. I felt like I could have worked harder in the first session of the first day, but I had my worries. After many improvements, the bike has improved. We will work hard to close the gap with leaders. »

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