Super League – Toulouse Olympique crack at the end of the match against Hull KR – Rugby League

Toulouse Olympique traveled to England to face Hull KR in the 22nd matchday of the Super League and with the ambition to revive.

After two consecutive defeats, Toulouse Olympique played hard against Hull KR at Craven Park. Having slipped to last place, the Olympians had to win to avoid being let down by Wakefield in the race to maintain their position.

The first ten minutes give rise to a confrontation between the two teams and the defenses withstand the shock. After a high tackle by Joe Bretherton, the Robins are awarded a penalty and are in a good position to score. Shaun Kenny-Dowall also looks to open the mark, but the attempt is denied on video by a double move as he flattens out. Toulouse were hot but they can leave. The calm is short-lived and the English reinvest the field of Toulouse. Jez Litten plays the TO defense and runs a good English offense. The ball is cleared down the left and after a throw from Will Tate, Frankie Halton inherits the ball and serves Elliot Minchella, launched like a wasp, who can only flatten. Rowan Milnes converts and Hull KR lead 6-0 at quarter-time. The Robins think about doubling the stakes but commit a striker just meters from Toulouse in the goal.

As we approach the halfway point of this first half, Toulouse Olympique are finally looking dangerous and will set up their highlight moment. In an attack from the left, Chris Hankinson serves Matty Russell on a pass and the Toulouse winger scores after an inside hook to take out the last defender. Chris Hankinson turns in a corner and the TO takes 6 all round. Hull KR go back on the attack and score another try disallowed for a striker, the third already. The TO takes advantage of it and following a handball penalty, the English defense fails and the ball falls into the hands of Daniel Alvaro who just has to score. Hankinson adds two new points and Toulouse wins 6-12. Nothing will be scored and Toulouse returns to the dressing room with a 6 point lead.

Hull KR demolish Toulouse

The start of the second period is entirely in favor of Toulouse Olympique, who put pressure on the English defence. After six lucky nines, Corey Norman serves Latrell Schaumkel with a superb dive and the Toulouse winger holds off his tackle to score Toulouse’s third try. First failure of the Olympic striker, 6-16. Looking to clear his side on 5th down, Lucas Albert finds the touchline straight away and allows Hull KR some excellent ammunition. Rowan Milnes has fun with the Toulouse defense and takes a clever low shot in the second which Ethan Ryan recovers and flattens for a corner. The try is confirmed on video but the conversion is missed, 10-16 in the 55th minute.

As the fouls pile up, Hull KR find the gap but Dominique Peyroux, excellent this evening, saves the country with a saving tackle that causes his opponent to lose the ball. We enter the last quarter of an hour and the tension is palpable in an over-excited Craven Park. With eight minutes to go, the Toulouse defense misses several tackles and is punished by Frankie Halton who scores powerfully. Milnes’ conversion is successful and Hull KR are back level, 16-16. In an English mix-up, the Toulouse defense is surprised and Rowan Milnes scores unopposed at the end of the line. He converts and the Robins are back in front with 3 minutes left in the game, 22-16. Nothing is scored and Toulouse Olympique lose against Hull KR after leading for a large part of the game, it’s cruel!

With this new defeat (22-16), TO no longer has the right to make mistakes if they want to keep their place in the Superliga next season.

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