Super League: the Catalans Dragons youth team triumph in Wakefield

The Dragons, who had not won in England since May 22 and the trip to Hull KR, were heroic this Sunday, August 7, 2022 against a Wakefield team surprised by the Catalan fury (victory 20 to 16).
Amputated by thirteen packages, the Catalans, who were not given favourites, made a remarkable and emblematic performance. With five days to go, the Dragons remain well within one spot of the podium.

Impossible is not Dragon. Without a doubt, this team in its 2022 version surprises in more ways than one. This Sunday, despite the thirteen packages, he took the points on the turf of a team that does the maintenance and that may have been wrong to disrespect this young Catalan team.

Unlike last Saturday, the audacity found in players who knew how to take advantage of the opportunities and who also managed to keep the score. The first two ‘chances’ that presented themselves from the kick-off and left winger Fouad Yaha (2nd, 8th) saw Arthur Mourgue make the right choices and Josh Drinkwater push Wakefield into a foul. Don’t we say that the more we act, the less we suffer?

This Sunday, Micky McIlorum, promoted to captain, assumed his responsibilities in attack, but also in defense, where he made a couple of hells with Alrix Da Costa. Where at the end of the match there was collective energy.

Hat-trick by Fouad Yaha

Diligent and brave, Mathieu Cozza, Paul Séguier, Arthur Romano and Corentin Le Cam managed from the first minutes to gain precious meters, constantly pushing Wakefield into their camp. If Jamie Shaul fooled the Dragons’ watch in the first period, Fouad Yaha, fortunate at the time, scored a hat-trick after a defensive struggle that Samisoni Langi and Benjamin Jullien successfully led. And just as Wakefield began to tighten the line, Tiaki Chan (yellow card on 34) left his side outnumbered five minutes before the break. A tough move that saw his teammates put up a huge siege under pressure from Fifita, Tanginoa and Bowden.

Coach Steve McNamara on the bench

At 16-6 with citrus, blood and gold went well “feel like they could do it”, said manager Steve McNamara who spent his game on the sidelines. A rare but necessary occurrence, as his team was young and needed the coach’s eyes and words throughout the duration of this struggle. Yes, this Sunday there were some serious fights and the youngster from the Catalans was not afraid of the full-fledged Wakefield pack.

In the second half, the players produced blow for blow and Sam Kasiano played a leading role up front, as Benjamin Jullien, Samisoni Langi and Arthur Romano doubled the outsides. Trinity, who came back with thirty minutes to go, then used and abused heavy loads around the bass. Mathieu Cozza and Paul Séguier have lifted the grid, helped by Alrix Da Costa and Micky McIlorum who have closed all the doors. Two Arthur Mourgue penalties would finally allow the Dragons to have enough of a cushion before the English score was reduced by Lewis Murphy.

The electric finish to the game will see Josh Drinkwater and his side save the team from a reverse success that would have been killer for a team that has largely deserved this fourteenth success of the season.

Remember that the Catalans Dragons remain in England to prepare for the next meeting, set for Friday evening in Castleford with the expected returns of Dylan Napa, Joe Chan, Sam Tomkins, Mitchell Pearce, Dean Whare and Matthieu Laguerre.

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