Super League: the Catalan Dragons found guilty, the blow too …

Steve McNamara suffers but cannot accept the strong penalties that have just hit three of his players ahead of the trip to Newcastle and the final summer sprint. Hull FC owner Adam Pearson also points to the double standards of the RFL.

The Dragons, penalized by nine penalty games after the win against St-Helens (20-18), are wondering hard behind the scenes. “I am very frustrated and angry with McIlorum and Kasiano’s penalties. But we found it impossible to defend them because of the ridiculous threat of adding more match suspensions in the event of an appeal. I think McIlorum’s reputation is “Working against him, in a position almost impossible for him with his entry. The late Sam Kasiano deserved, at worst, a warning.”Steve McNamara protests adding: “A prior notice for the same infraction and a challenge to the decision of a referee who received another notice, but no sanction means a grade A and therefore a one-match sanction. It’s ridiculous! »

McNamara: “Once again, the sanction is beyond me”

As for the pillar Dylan Napa who receives five games, after the four received at the start of the season, against St-Helens always, also coach McNamara is positioned. “It seemed to us a high entry that, given the reckless nature, would have been a suspension of two or three games. But, he has been accused of “hitting”, which, on a reckless level, makes him now suspended for five games. Once again, the sanction is beyond me “.

Steve McNamara wasn’t the only one to complain and point out flaws in a system that Hull FC owner Adam Pearson is also punishing after seeing three of his suspended as well this week. “It simply came to our notice then. Something is not working here, “Pearson told Hull Live.” There is no consistency with these decisions and the fouls committed by our players that also occur in other games. We are not the only ones, but it seems that the Catalan Dragons and Leeds Rhinos are the ones who continue to be punished, while others are saved, despite the same gestures for other reasons. It is not normal to always follow the same players and wondering if they are up to par or if the process works. Maybe people there should be replaced on the Disciplinary Commission? It doesn’t work today. “.

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President Bernard Guasch, punished (four stadium ban matches) and piloted by the RFL for expressing his dissatisfaction with the Dragons – Huddersfield referee (June 3), cannot express himself. The president of the Dragons risks waiting for his suspension (July 23) to end to speak “Perhaps the last or penultimate time as president.”

Last Saturday, at the Gilbert-Brutus, the party delegate checked that President Guasch was not at the stadium, he was even going to cross the reception areas at the end of the match. Convicted, while Matty Lees and Morgan Knowles (St-Helens), cited have not been punished, the Catalan Dragons unite, forced and also forced to turn their backs with the loss of McIlorum and Napa, key elements of a greatly diminished herd. Once again, the RFL’s decisions raise many questions and once again highlight the double standards that English leaders continue to highlight from season to season.

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