Super Dupont is not afraid of super defenses

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Stade’s half scrum is a nightmare for all defenders. Whatever strategy the latter adopts, he has an extraordinary ability to get out of it. Witnesses.

Undoubtedly, future graduates of Toulouse would have been grateful to have met yesterday with a topic such as: “Has it become impossible to defend yourself from Antoine Dupont? or “What is the best strategy to keep it from shining?” “If the Castres have to study the matter in depth, we asked a few professional rugby players for their opinion.

Jean-Marc Doussain, Lyon’s first goal

“Like all players above the pitch, you are obliged to put in place a collective strategy. To defend Antoine Dupont well, it is necessary to reduce the spaces that surround him. Then, he is strong from above and below, he is difficult to defend because he always manages to get his arms out of here the need to face him above and below, a bit like the thirteen. We must not forget that we are facing the best player in the world, who has control over his teammates. Without wanting to disrespect anyone, when he is not there, the Stadium is not the same team. »

Bastien Vergnes-Taillefer, third line of Bordeaux-Bègles

“He is a target player because he is a key element of the stadium. Defending yourself from him requires collective work because if you go alone, with his qualities, he can quickly put you in the wind. He is a player who should never be allowed to evolve in a chair. You have to be focused on it, press it, prevent it from taking its 2-3 steps behind a ruck. The problem with him is that he has such individual qualities that with the support, a commotion, he can break the tackle and behind, he continues. »

Laurent Labit,

coach of the attack of the XV of France

“With his exceptional athletic and physical qualities, Antoine is a defense vacuum cleaner. That means it opens up around you. And as in Toulouse or the French national team, the players are connected to him, they know what he is going to do and they are positioned accordingly. In the face of Antoine Dupont, we must adopt a collective defense. Everyone wants to annihilate him but at some point, he gives him solutions. I remember Eddie Jones saying before France-England that he had an anti-Dupont plan but none. You can’t, it doesn’t exist because with Antoine the danger is everywhere, of these innocuous balloons, of these balloons lost behind a ruck, not well released. He improves them with a tourniquet, a commotion, he has the time in advance to get out in front of the defenders who believe that the situation is lost for him. »

Xavier Garbajosa, Canal + consultant

“I am just amazed at how humble and consistent I am. We praise his offensive qualities a lot, but I would like to highlight the defensive work he does with his team. He does an impressive job, his ball-free work is remarkable. As for hoping to contain it, your package is already moving forward. Otherwise, if you don’t put pressure on him, he will move forward, he will look for the spaces. Looking at Dupont, if you take a step back, you’re dead. To hold it, you need to send a 3rd line, offside limit, to harass you. Whenever, I repeat, we advance, that before it competed with the Stadium. But focusing on Antoine Dupont also means opening doors for others. He is surrounded by 14 talented boys. The priority is not to back down. If you compete at this level, then Antoine Dupont will be under pressure and will have to make decisions faster. But nothing says it will be less effective. »

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