Sports – League of Legends: GameWard loses at home, BDS Academy ranked

Team of the week: LDLC OL

If the places for play-offs they are still very uncertain, this is not the case for their future champion. LDLC OL (1st, 15th, 1st) have been out of the Championship since the start of the season, and their only defeat last week did not stop them from shining on the Boulogne-Billancourt stage this Thursday.

His opponent GameWard (3rd, 10v., 6d.) managed to damage the defending champion in an explosive duel, but it was far from enough to claim that he took down his opponent. LDLC OL’s botlane, consisting of Thomas “Exakick” Foucou and Mads “Doss” Schwartz, shined individually in leading the team to victory by taking the lead. The collective then took over and could not be stopped by their rival, picking up their fifteenth win of the summer and continuing to appear as favorites for the end-of-season tournaments.

Player of the Week: Duncan “Skeanz” Marquet

Behind their strong individuals, Vitality Bee (2nd, 11 v., 5d.) shined with her collective in her landslide victory over Karmine Corp (5th, 8 v., 8d.) in front of a crowd detached But this strength could not be embodied better than Skeanz, his jungler. In his Lee Sin, he was key to his team’s fighting engagements throughout the match against KC.

In this explosive match, Vitality’s acceleration began from the half game finding flaws in KC’s strategy at the right times, followed by his peers in their actions. This victory allowed the team to confirm their second place in the standings of the regular summer segment and qualify for the European Masters without going through the preliminary stage, unlike last spring. For Skeanz, the goal is clear: to give it his all to win the LFL and EUM double before leaving the Bees, who joined in 2019, as he admitted after the clash.

Match of the week: BDS Academy – Misfits Premier

This high-voltage game had all the ingredients of a good match. BDS Academy (4th, 9v., 7d.) on the one hand, on a streak of five wins in a row and neck and neck with Misfits Premier (5th, 8v., 8d.) equal acceleration in the final sprint for the play-off. Faced with a very solid Misfits strategy, BDS dared to take risks and delivered a match full of twists and turns. Without wasting time, both teams blew hot and cold. And it was precisely when Misfits was supposed to be at its peak that BDS surprised him and changed the course.

It was enough for the BDS players to transcend. At the foot of the wall, in his bare base, mid laner Steven “Reeker” Chen attempted one last stand as a last stand against defeat. Against all odds, he bought his teammates enough time to hang on. In a final fight masterfully led by jungler Théo “Sheo” Borile, BDS finally triumphed over its adversary. This victory qualified her for the play-offs of the summer segment. Meanwhile, Misfits Premier will have to redouble their efforts to come back stronger and take advantage of their opportunity next week.

But also…

This Thursday, play-off hopes began to fade for TeamGO (7th, 7th, 9th d.) after a setback by Team Oplon (9th, 4th, 12th). Definitely out of the play-off race, the latter arrived on the scene free of any expectations. Having spun back early, Oplon showed its other side and began a dazzling acceleration half game.

Midlaner Pengcheng “Peng” Shen showed his Taliyah and allowed his team to confirm by punishing his opponent’s mistakes. For GO, this defeat is catastrophic, as it leaves no room for error and puts some of its chances in the hands of the other teams.

Another team in the middle of the table, Solary showed their best in their duel against Mirage Elyandra (10th, 2 v., 14 d.). Admittedly, this is not surprising against a lower-table opponent, but the team was able to calm down by playing a controlled game from start to finish. If he maintains his form in his next matches, Solary could still believe in a miracle.

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