Sport – League of Legends: Excel, amazing LEC leader

Team of the week: Excel

It took more than three years to see an attractive Excel team evolve at the LEC. But what the British club is now presenting this season has qualified it for its first play-offs in the spring and looks especially crisp this summer. A confirmed candidate for a World Cup qualifier – which seemed inconceivable earlier this year – Excel beat two direct competitors this weekend. With style.

On Friday, Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle’s team dominated Vitality first in several stages: after a series of technical problems and a game restarted from scratch due to an unresolved error, they took advantage of a gift that the structure went offer to the bee, but in a very good position in the game, to prevail. And then, on Saturday, Excel gave the MAD Lions no chance: with an extremely effective aggressive style, their demo training won in just over 20 minutes. We will definitely have to count on it this summer. For a long time without being able to leave the lower part of the table of the LEC, now it occupies the first place of the classification (tie with G2).

Player of the week: Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu

Rogue had missed his entry a bit last week, and came to nothing to conclude his summer start with three defeats against three competitors in the World Cup race (a victory finally, against the MAD Lions). Thanks, among other things, to two excellent performances from his Romanian veteran Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu in Gnar and then Gangplank at the helm, the spring segment finalist bounced back this weekend winning against Misfits and then Astralis.

Beyond the successes and performances of “Odo”, we found the very strong individuality of the team and its methodical style that had allowed it to surprise. split previous. Second undefeated team this week with Excel, Rogue will have to confirm against the surprise leader next Friday. A bigger opponent on paper.

Match of the week: BDS vs Fnatic

On Saturday, Excel slapped the MAD Lions in the shortest part of the summer game, then Fnatic defeated BDS two hours later in what should be the longest game of the season: 54 minutes. Already surprise winners of the G2 on Friday (only defeat of the reigning champion), the latter, however, was close to achieving two feats after a difficult first week (three defeats). In an exciting meeting, very tight, almost symbolic of the meta current with much team fights and compositions late match which allowed the game to last so long, Fnatic took over for good after a final flight from Nashor. A crazy game.

But also…

Two frustrating defeats in two games for Vitality against Excel and then G2, the colliders. The French club could have won every time, but made some mistakes that weighed heavily on the scales. Ambitious, his training is still far from worrying but he will soon have to recover to play the lead roles. A top of the table currently occupied by Astralis, perhaps a bigger surprise than Excel after the three changes made to the team a few weeks ago.

Third at the end of the regular season in the spring, Misfits is struggling in the early summer. A unique success for the team of the French MVP of the spring division Vincent “Véthéo” Berrié is too small. And the rabbits do not calm the game. It is also complicated for SK Gaming, which has lost against Astralis and … Misfits, precisely this weekend.

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