Sport: in Bercy, the new tour de force of Karmine Corp.

It’s hard not to abuse the superlatives with Karmine Corp. Created just over a year and a half ago, the club, founded mainly by the duo Kamel “Kameto” Kebir – Amine “Prime” Mekri, filled the Paris-Bercy Accor Arena on Tuesday evening, on the occasion of the second edition of your “KCX”. An event designed to gather their massive fan community in front of their teams’ matches, sold out in a few hours despite an announcement sooner rather than later. An impressive feat.

12,000 tickets sold out in just a few hours, ten days before the event

In the pipes for a while, initially scheduled for the beginning of the year and revenge against the Spanish structure KOI on League of Legends (finally organized at the Carrousel du Louvre due to restrictions linked to the COVID-19 pandemic), this major event was presented in part on May 20 to allow fans to anticipate a trip to Paris. However, due to some delays in the proceedings, the venue was not revealed until the week of June 6 and the box office only opened on Friday 10. Eleven days before the event.

It is enough to raise some doubts, even within the KC: with a caliber of 12,000 seats, half a week, a young audience and despite the strong commitment of the club community, it is difficult to imagine an idyllic setting . And yet. ” At home, some thought it would all come out the day I opened the box office, others, myself included, thought it would take longer.slips Zouhair “Kotei” Karji, one of the club’s founders and Kameto’s partner for years. And then when we start the thing, we see that the queue goes up to 45,000 people and we understand. “It simply came to our notice then.

We had to apologize because we didn’t think it would be that badKotei continued. There are always people complaining, but fans in general have accepted the thing like crazy and most of the disappointed people have been understanding. We were told that some international artists fill up more slowly than we do … We really have the best community in the world. »

In situ, the latter and her self-proclaimed ultras, gathered in a giant kop, created a crazy atmosphere as always. And that, despite the slap received by the team Valuing (2-13, against Vitality), then defeat, two hours later and after a musical interlude, training League of Legends (against Misfits Premier, in LFL). As the game started to slip away for fc, the manager decided to change the tactical approach. If Bercy has experienced warm atmospheres, it is objectively installed at the top of the basket.

In addition to the 12,000 people at the venue, nearly 200,000 gathered on Kameto’s Twitch channel where the event was broadcast live, bringing a little more scale to the event. If Karmine, ambitious (seeks above all to join the LEC, the European elite League of Legends, a closed league), had already shown that he was capable of achieving great things, he sent a hellish message to the sports planet and beyond. To the point of making a fuss among some of the LEC, where some clubs would like to be inspired by what the KC is doing. But they are blocked by Riot Games, the game’s publisher.

A KCX3 in his head, the dream of a dedicated speaker

And this KCX2 is not a ceiling for Karmine Corp: ” When we did the first one, we were already talking about the second one, so obviously today we are already thinking about the third one, bigger, better. smiles at Kotei. The “stadium” issue, mentioned by Kameto during his brief exchange with President Emmanuel Macron during the sports reception at the Elysée in early June, which the club has been digging into for some time, will also inevitably return to the table.

A year ago, Kamel talked about it in a video, and people who didn’t know sports turned it on.remembers his friend. He doesn’t look so stupid today. We think so, we want a place to meet our fans regularly. But we will not burn the stages After Bercy and his show of strength this Tuesday evening, nothing seems impossible for Karmine Corp.

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