Schedules and objectives of the German GP MotoGP 2022 at the Sachsenring

The MotoGP World Championship travels to Saxony this week for the German Grand Prix, which has been held without interruption since 1998 except in 2020 due to coronavirus. The program is in the classic format in Europe with the first MotoGP trials on Friday at 9.55am, the qualifiers on Saturday at 2.10pm and the race at 2.00pm (all times below).

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This tenth event of the season – half of the programming – is to be watched as usual on MNC and, for Canal + subscribers, on the pay-TV channels of the MotoGP TV broadcaster in France (tests on Canal + Offset and races on Channel +).

The Sachsenring, the shortest circuit in the championship (3,671 km), is a counter-clockwise route that includes for this reason a majority of curves to the left: 10 turns to the left against only three to the right. Which is why a certain Marc Marquez particularly appreciates it, he who excels at this circuit format!

The first German GP that Marc Marquez will not win!

The eight-time Grand Prix world champion embarked on an incredible winning streak in 2010 (!), At the time in 125cc, with eight MotoGP successes in a row since 2013. It was also at the Sachsenring that Marquez reconnected with wins it last year after his white season in 2020 following his right humerus fracture…

Alas, this painful injury and – above all – the complications associated with it are still relevant: the 29-year-old driver was injured shortly after the Italian Grand Prix and has been watching for a new period of forced rest. For how long? Michelin Mystery and Ball…

On the other hand, one thing is certain: his invincibility at the Sachsenring ends here, by force of circumstances… Do his rivals have the opportunity – unique? – to establish itself in the “garden” of Marquez, moreover thanks to him it has become a circuit annexed by Honda. Will his younger brother Alex (18th in the provisional) be able to succeed his RC213V from the LCR team? MNC in strong doubt.

Why Quartararo is (our) favorite at the Sachsenring

The favorite for this role is undoubtedly Fabio Quartararo, the provisional leader with 22 points ahead of Aleix Espargaro and 53 over Enea Bastianini. For what reasons? Simply because the reigning world champion in Nice is the fastest and most regular on the plateau.

Its M1 certainly lacks an engine, but the “Bon 20 français” compensates admirably with its amphetamine trapper brakes and supersonic cornering. Hasn’t he just authoritatively won his second 2022 victory in Barcelona (Spain) despite his endless 1047m straight ?!

However, the Sachsenring is a short and narrow route, with a straight line of only 700 meters: the address of the riders and the homogeneity of their motorcycles are more important than the pure power and top speed. So many good arguments for Fabio and his M1, always so fast in the winding.

It remains to keep pace for 30 laps – about five more than the other circuits – while sparing the left sidewall of its tire which is (over) stressed from the sixth to the last corner. All in conditions that are particularly harsh due to the current heatwave episode, with more than 33 ° C on Sunday…

At Ducati, everyone dreams of going to the factory…

Another argument in favor of a victory for Fabio on Sunday at the German Grand Prix: his recent contract renewal with Yamaha, which allows him to approach the second part of the championship in a free spirit. “El Diablo” is and will remain the boss at Yam ‘!

Admittedly, his first interim pursuer is in the same case: Aleix Espargaro is also being taken back to Aprilia, as is his teammate Maverick Viñales. Francesco Bagnaia, Fabio’s dolphin last year, is also assured of staying on the official Ducati.

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But uncertainty remains among the other dangerous rivals, including the excellent Enea Bastianini who is making a splash with her three victories on her “old” Ducati 2021! The Italian driver – 3rd overall – is competing with Jorge Martin to retrieve the handlebars of the second official Ducati, the one he will leave…

The Gresini rider and his Pramac rival have already been assured of inheriting a state-of-the-art Ducati backed by the factory next year, but the manufacturer is still hesitant to replace Miller. Hence some tensions, on the part of Martin in particular: the Madrilenian – operated in early June for his concerns of lack of sensitivity in his right hand – threatens to leave the ship Red if his command is not granted…

I’m very happy to be here and very happy with the family we’re building, but if I’m never on a factory motorcycle at Ducati, I’ll look for one. “says Johann Zarco’s teammate confidently, who is not in a strong position with his four falls in nine races and his 12th place in the provisional!

Bastianini, meanwhile, can boast of being the top Ducati driver in the standings and even taking over at the start of the season. The Italian is also the only one with Bagnaia to have won the Desmosedici, aspects that his rival Jorge Martin attributes to his GP21 that some Ducati riders consider more obvious and better balanced than the new GP22.

Enea has a very good bike and I feel like I did those things with that bike last year“, says Jorge Martin, certainly the starter of the year 2021 – four podiums including a splendid victory – but whose modesty and self-esteem furiously remind us of his compatriot Jorge Lorenzo!

It remains that this internal rivalry at Ducati plays the role of Fabio, while his compatriot Johann Zarco is also waiting for a confirmation from Pramac for 2023 and that Rins – injured in the wrist in Catalonia – and Mir are still in anticipation following the abrupt withdrawal of Suzuki …

What to liven up this 2022 German Grand Prix, which will also be followed in the wake of the Dutch Grand Prix in Assen before the long summer break. Stay connected!

Schedules of the German Grand Prix Moto GP 2022

Friday, June 17, 2021

  • 09:00 – 09:40: Free trials FP1 Moto3
  • 09:55 – 10:40: FP1 MotoGP free trials
  • 10:55 – 11:35: FP1 Moto2 free trials
  • 13:15 – 13:55: Free trials FP2 Moto3
  • 14:10 – 14:55: FP2 MotoGP free trials
  • 15:10 – 15:50: Free trials FP2 Moto2

Saturday, June 18, 2021

  • 09:00 – 09:40: Free trials FP3 Moto3
  • 09:55 – 10:40: FP3 MotoGP free trials
  • 10:55 – 11:35: FP3 Moto2 free trials
  • 12:35 – 13:15: Moto3 qualifying tests
  • 13:30 – 14:00: Free trials FP4 MotoGP
  • 14:10 – 14:25: QP1 MotoGP qualifying tests
  • 14:35 – 14:50: QP2 MotoGP qualifying tests
  • 15:10 – 15:50: Moto2 qualifying tests
  • 17:00: Press conference

Sunday, June 19, 2021

  • 9: 00-9: 10: Warm-up Moto3
  • 09:20 – 09:30: Warm-up Moto2
  • 09:40 – 10:00: Warm-up MotoGP
  • 11:00: Moto3 race
  • 12:20: Moto2 race
  • 14:00: MotoGP race
  • 15:10 – 15:45: Press conference

Sachsenring Tour (Germany)

  • Winner 2021 (2019-2018-2017-2016-2015-2014 and 2013!): Marc Marquez (Honda)
  • Pole position 2021: Johann Zarco (Ducati) – 1’20.236
  • Best lap in the race 2021: Miguel Oliveira (KTM) – 1,21,701
  • Circuit record: Marc Marquez (Honda) – 1’21.228 in 2019
  • Length: 3.7 km
  • Width: 12 m
  • Turns: 10 left, 3 right
  • Straight line: 700 m
  • Race laps: 30
  • Running distance: 110.1 km

Provisional MotoGP 2022 ranking before the German GP

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