Sarabia says more about the “new” PSG

The Spanish winger spoke to AFP about the new direction PSG has taken this season.

The Paris SG, under reconstruction, now aims to “put aside individualities” and emphasize the “collective” and “discipline”, explained the Spanish winger Pablo Sarabia in an interview with AFP on Friday, without fear of the competition in attack against Messi-Neymar. Mbappé trio.

You were loaned to Sporting Portugal. In what mood do you return to PSG?
Pablo Sarabia: “I had a very good season at Sporting Portugal, I had a lot of fun. I’ve continued to improve a lot as a player and at the moment I feel like I’m in the best period of my career, with a lot of confidence. Last season I achieved my goal which was to feel good, keep growing.


The competition will be tough in attack for PSG with the Mbappé-Messi-Neymar trio. Think you can fit in?
“The most important thing for a team is to have 15, 16, 17 players ready to play, at the same level, because there are many games. Everyone will be needed, so I’ll be ready for that. There will be games that I will start as a starter, there will be other games that I will start as a substitute. But I think you have to be ready.”

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Has the idea of ​​leaving the club crossed your mind this summer?
“It was clear to me that I wanted to come home and I’m very happy to be here, to have done my job and to be able to keep improving. I think I can contribute things, work, enthusiasm, goals, assists. I will do everything to help the team, which is the most important thing to win titles.

A new sports management has arrived at PSG with new rules and requirements based on discipline. Is it important in your opinion to be competitive?
“I think that in any job, discipline and rules are important. It is good that there is this discipline, these rules, it is necessary for a good coexistence and to form a good group. I think it will be good for everyone. We must do everything possible, with effort in training, to achieve the goals of the team and the club, which wants to win all the titles (…) We must make a good group, put aside individualities because the most important thing is the collective. We see it every year, the teams that are more united, that do more things together, that are prepared to face the bad moments of a season, are the ones that end up winning titles.

Do you know the new coach Christophe Galtier before? What do you think of their working methods?
“Yes, I know him from his season in charge of Lille (crowned champions in 2020/21, editor’s note) and then at Nice. The first impression is good, he wants to play the ball, the confidence is good and I think who is a coach who will bring us many good things.

What does PSG need to finally shine in the Champions League?
“I don’t know what’s missing, but what I do know is that a good working environment, having a good group, having a good coach like us, being tactically organized, having the same game idea, what are the important things to win titles and the Champions League, which is clearly our goal. We will give everything to be able to achieve it.”

Is Kylian Mbappé’s contract extension a good sign in this regard?
“I was not surprised. He is happy here and it shows every day. He remains the same (…) We are very happy that he has stayed with us, for the player he is and for the person he is. I think it is a step that brings us closer to winning the Champions League. But then you have to work hard to get there.”

Lionel Messi’s first year in Paris was difficult. Do you think he will bounce back this season?
“Everyone sees what kind of player he is. He’s an amazing player and we hope he’s as happy as possible to show it and give us this game he knows how to play.

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