Rugby Union – Top 14 – USAP wants to grow even more

Lecture back to school, this Friday in Aimé-Giral. In the presence of President François Rivière, Bruno Rolland, general manager of the club, and Patrick Arlettaz, promoted to general manager of the athlete, presented the new USAP project.

During yesterday’s back-to-school lecture, François Rivière was initially pleased that his club had become “an indispensable instrument of the life of the territory”. It is based on the excitement generated by the last two Aimé-Giral matches, against and UBB, played with exhausted crowds. The cohort of supporters of the club that traveled to Mont-de-Marsan for the final, “between 2,500 and 3,000 Catalans”, impressed him. Like the numbers of spectators communicated by Canal + for the retransmission of the dam: 600,000, “it is in the middle of the day before Castres-Toulouse … This says a lot about the impact that the USAP can have on our championship. The club received more messages of support for staying than for their promotion to the Top 14! From this observation, it now remains to prepare for the future.

Sports: reconstituted the Marty-Vilacéca duet

Patric Arlettaz is 10 years younger! Keeping his club in the Top 14 has taken a heavy toll on the Catalan coach. “Our goal for the last two seasons has been achieved,” he says. Promotion to the Top 14 after maintenance! From now on, our approach is part of a desire for progress and a more efficient organization. That is why Arlettaz becomes the club’s general sporting director, replacing Christian Lanta, who has asserted his retirement rights while remaining on the club’s board of directors. He will oversee the sports side of the USAP, and will work hand in hand with the new duo of coaches, Marty-Vilacéca. The couple at the helm of Hopes in recent years is reconstituted. “Guillaume will join the Espoirs after five great years,” continues Arlettaz. There you will find “Zaza” Marty, head of the field executive and who in his first season has shown with us that he knows how to lead a group. It is interesting that one group listens to a new discourse, another philosophy. Perry Freshwater and Gérald Bastide complete the squad. “I am delighted that we are the only ones in France, with Toulouse, that we trust a staff that refers to local skills …”
As for hiring, with the announcement of the arrival of English second line Will Wity (see sidebar), the squad for the 2022-23 season is taking shape. He is the sixth recruit from Perpignan after the signings of Victor Moreaux (2nd row, Racing 92), Kelian Galletier (3rd row, Montpellier), the Tongan Ma’afu Fia (right pillar, Bath), the Australian Jake McIntyre (starter) . scorer, Western Force), and Boris Goutard (back, RC Narbonne). The seventh reinforcement, Dorian Laborde (central end, RC Toulon), is not far behind. With the contribution of Espoirs Pérez, Montgaillard, Bertheau, Ramasiba and Chinaro, the staff is almost complete.

Economic: increase the budget to 20 million

The development of the club requires an increase in the budget. Closed at 18 million euros, it is expected to increase to 20 million next season. It is in any case the desire of François Rivière. “Everyone has to make an effort where they are. I financed 100% of the capital increase. But we can’t always say, “the shareholder just has to pay!” “For eight years, I have made the necessary efforts, I have put the necessary money and I have no intention of stopping or leaving the club. But we have to help each other. To continue growing, the USAP wants to be able to count on all the good will. Since the maintenance, the USAP has registered 1,200 subscriptions, and points to 5,000 subscribers, a figure that the club has not reached for 10 years. The club believes it is possible to increase the maximum capacity to 15,000 spectators with the equipment of the Goutta scale or bleachers.
But box office receipts only account for 15% of turnover. The club must also increase its volume of membership and hospitality services. It will finance the expansion of the Can USAP club, to double the capacity (500 seats instead of 250) and start a global reflection on the management of the Aimé-Giral stadium (car parks, refreshments, reception). USAP has just expanded its partnership with Adidas for the next two seasons and will announce the name of its t-shirt sponsor in July. The ambition of the leaders is to increase the share of the budget of the partners to 10 million euros to reach the 20 million global budget.

Infrastructure: World Cup effect

The record for improving the club’s infrastructure is always under construction. The departure of Patrick Arlettaz just after the maintenance of the USAP on the precariousness of the facilities of his team, sounded like a cry of alarm. The transfer of the club’s training sessions to the Parc des Sports was aimed at protecting and relieving the Aimé-Giral turf. The bet has practically been won. It remains to raise the issue of training and education centers. The urbanization of the plain of the Parc des Sports remains the most plausible possibility. “We need to reassure parents about the infrastructure that will accommodate our future aspiring young people,” explains Bruno Rolland. If the lands of the future center were vacated, our young people would be close to the training centers and the university. The decision of the GIP 2023 on the accommodation of teams that have not yet chosen their base camp, is due in late July. The United States or Tonga are of interest to Perpignan. A favorable response from the World Cup organizers could help unblock the situation. And to offer the USAP this development tool that it has been asking for months.
Gilles Navarro

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