rugby Two ex-professionals are successful with a revolutionary recovery concept for athletes

Former Agenais Marc Barthomeuf launched a revolutionary mobile unit in the world of sports. (©DR)

Here are two former professional rugby players who have ideas! Withdrawn from the field since the summer of 2021, Marc Barthomeuf (31 years old) teamed up with his former teammate from Agen, Leo Bastien (29 years old), also passed through Biarritz, a former U20 international, to set up the company 360 recovery box and throw to revolutionary concept: a mobile recovery center for athletes unique in the world !

A project born from a meeting at the European Sports Rehabilitation Center (CERS) in Capbreton (Landes), when Marc Barthomeuf was treating his disc herniations. “I met by chance Hervé Inglebert, a businessman from the High Alps became sports recovery material, and we quickly became friends. He had initially put him in touch with the Agen club for the new Armandie stadium before the crazy project of RB 360after 10 months of reflection and discussions around my post-career, my injuries as well as the almost total absence, in most sports, of recovery tools worthy of the name”, says the former puta went through the Clermont training center.

“Collapsed scrums caused me great concern”

It must be said that in terms of injuries, Barthomeuf was not spared during his 9 professional seasons in Agen. Even these surpassed his career, he who was forced to throw in the towel at only 29 years old, at the end of the 2020-2021 season marked by SUA’s relegation to Pro D2. “I had to hang up my cleats for medical reasons, because I was accumulating herniated discs.” Pains that persist and still make him suffer in his current day to day life. “I usually have a loss of strength and feeling in both arms…”, explains the affected person.

Physical problems caused by the rigors of the top 14 games, for which he still pays a high price today. “One or two collapsed scrums had caused me great concern, but in one innings I had also taken a bad knock on the knee which completely twisted my neck. The accumulation of all these shocks exceeded my career”, he underlines, before explaining that he is not out of the woods yet:

I did the whole medication protocol, with infiltrations, and I will have cervical surgery on September 20th. I will have two prostheses between the cervical vertebrae C5-C6 and C6-C7 and an arthrodesis between the C7 vertebra and the first thoracic vertebra T1.

Marc BarthomeufEx-whore from Agen

“Thanks to my new activity, I still have a small foot in the world of rugby”

After coaching Condom (Federal 3) last season, “for friendship and on a voluntary basis”, Marc Barthomeuf distanced himself from the world of rugby to focus fully on his company, Recovery Box 360 (translated by recovery box ), “which quickly took up a lot of space” in his life. “I didn’t really have any free time, because of my many car trips, so it was too complicated to combine the two activities,” he admits.

But today, his first passion for rugby is never far away, as he is still in contact with many rugby clubs, in his new professional universe: “I met the players from Montauban several times, but also from Mont-de- Marsan, that I tested our recovery equipment and our trailer, and I am in regular contact with professional clubs, so I still have a small foot in rugby, “he smiles.

His revolutionary sports recovery concept is none other than a 40 m2 semi-trailer fully equipped with medical devices focused on physical recovery: whole body cryotherapy, balneotherapy, massage and osteopathy tables, neuro-relaxation capsule, Physiotherm seats, photobiomodulation, pressotherapy and even localized cryotherapy…

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“It’s a real connected tool, insulated and heated, with free Wi-Fi and music inside… It’s not DIY like you sometimes see at certain events, with guys arriving with their little cryosauna and their tank of nitrogen”, he warns. Marc Barthomeuf. “Our great innovation is to have designed an electrical center with whole body cryotherapy. It is the only one in the world, since the others are all with nitrogen”.

“Each trailer is unique. It really is 100% custom made”

Launched last January and based in Laplume (Lot-et-Garonne), the RB 360 company brings together former colleagues from Agen, Léo Bastien and Marc Barthomeuf, who both hung up their crampons prematurely for medical reasons, but also another former top athlete, the cyclist Jeremy’s house, which also ended his professional career due to injuries. The latter manages the recruitment and training of the physiotherapists who travel on the RB 360 trailer, together with an osteopath and the operator, Léo Bastien.

The RB 360 concept is already in full development and is attracting a lot of interest. “We are in contact with a lot of people, but we don’t sell bread, so it requires a lot of meetings and discussions, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Some clubs are getting together to get us a trailer and share it with each other. It depends on everyone’s budgets and levels, because very large structures are already well equipped with recovery equipment. »

His mobile trailer, built in the High Alps, has already seen the country since last March, as Marc Barthomeuf and Léo Bastien have already taken it on the circuit of walnut, during the GT4 races as well as for the French Superbike championship. His revolutionary tool has also been used by participants in the Military Rugby World Cup in 7 a Actas well as during the finals of the French university rugby championship 7 a Epernay and more recently by the French women’s military team crowned world champion as well as for the Climbing World Cup in Briançon.

“Even a big club in the Top 14, equipped in their facilities, can call us. For example, if he goes to a training course in the mountains, or in a remote location, we can follow him and come and equip him with our trailer. Everything is imaginable and we can spend a week with them so they can find the same universe of recovery as in the stadium”, underlines Marc Barthomeuf, before continuing:

Each trailer is unique. It can be marked with the club’s colors and equipped internally with the desired equipment. If a club cannot afford cryotherapy and just wants a cold bath or hot medical bath, with video room, we can provide that. It really is 100% custom made. We can even imagine a truck with drive wheels to go to the desert and participate in the Dakar Rally.

Marc BarthomeufFounding partner of RB 360

Innovative sports recovery solutions that are a UFO in the world of sports and that we certainly haven’t heard about yet. the revolution RB 360 it’s working!

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