RUGBY. The 5 unknowns in the Top 5 who could end up in the Top 14 this season (Part 1)

Adrien Seguret

This is probably the most famous guy on this first list. But also the one who has the best chance of finding a place in the sun within his new squad. It must be said that Adrien Séguret, only 24 years old, already has a nice panel on his back, although this one was not made in the elite of French rugby. What vegetated in the Top 14 at the end of his U20 world title in 2018 then toughened up in ProD2, and he did very well. After 2 good seasons at Mont-de-Marsan and then at Grenoble, it was at Isère that the solid 3/4 center (1m82 for 95kg) broke out for good last year. Author of an exercise of 9 tests and 25 mandates, Séguret could not escape the radar of the CO, averse to intelligent recruitments drawing from the second division. He will land in the Tarn, next to where he started, to go to a new level at the highest level and why not gradually take the place of Thomas Combezou, who at 35 years old, is closer to the end than the beginning. .

The other center on this list is Josiah Maraku. A guy who is only 22 years old but has already done a lot of damage to ProD2 defenses last season. Arriving in December in Narbonne in complete anonymity, the New Zealander then demonstrated his offensive qualities and a rather exceptional vision of the game. Endowed with a crazy punch and an -already- almost irreproachable individual technique, the former Manawatu player also has an interesting size (1m80 for 96kg) which allows him to respond adequately to the physical demands of the center of the field. With his sharp runs and ability to play after contact, there is no doubt that Pierre-Louis Barassi’s replacement in LOU’s number 13 is him!

Pro D2. Narbonne Ex Baby Black Who Is RCN Bombshell Josiah Maraku?

This guy is dynamite! Interviewed in the Top 14 with UBB last year (3 games), the Argentine was loaned to Mont-de-Marsan to get some playing time. Result: 4 tries in 7 games, including exceptional bursts for to a prostitute, like the 50 m. on the turf at Provence Rugby on the 30th day. Strong player (1m81 for 105 kg), powerful and dynamic as possible, he will have to improve his throws, however, if he wants to claim a regular place in the Bordeaux group. But like a Lucas Peyresblanques, his performances off the bench are so impressive that it would be hard not to see him often used as an impact player around the hour mark, especially since with the start of Dweba, UBB will no longer have this guy heel profile in your template.

When trying to inform us about this old 3rd line of Aurillac when we know his signature in Paris, we are told: “it is the same as Beka Saghinadze”. In fact, after further research, the Lelo rather reminds us of another Georgian who went through the LOU, Viktor Kolelishvili. A boss not to be trifled with, a rock-hewn physique and insane activity in defence, Tsutskiridze is certainly following in the footsteps of his now retired friend. He also has impressive mobility and speed qualities that often make him dangerous with the ball in hand, due to his ability to occupy gaps. At the age of 25, he arrived in the capital at the same time as three other lines of 3a, namely Habel-Kuffner, Ory and Hirigoyen. And if the competition will be tough, he could be one of the pleasant surprises of the stadium squad, in the name of what he has already shown in ProD2 as a national team. Why not experience the same adaptation to the Top 14 as his friend from Lyon, Beka Saghinadze?

Top 14. Who is Beka Saghinadze (LOU), the Lelo who reigned over Gerland against Stade Toulousein?Top 14. Who is Beka Saghinadze (LOU), the Lelo who reigned over Gerland against Stade Toulousein?

Gael Drean

Finally, you may have vaguely heard of this young man, Gael Dréan. Especially because his story strangely seems to follow in the footsteps of the one who has become one of the darlings of the XV of France: Gabin Villière. A few months ago, the one who started his senior career in Federal 3 was crowned French champion of Federal 1 with Rennes. Since then, the Breton has landed at the Rade since joining the RCT. Crazy and beautiful reward for a player who planted 14 tries in 22 Fed 1 games last season. Will he be as successful as his illustrious elder? His athletic qualities, defensive energy and young age (21) all suggest great things for the future. Although it will be necessary to clear a path in the middle of Villière precisely, but also Kolbe, Wainiqolo or Cordin. Just that…

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