rugby Suresnes targets Pro D2 mid-term: ‘I didn’t commit to staying at National’

The two presidents of Suresnes Laurent Piepszownik and Olivier Pouligny dream of Pro D2 in the medium term. (©RCS)

Under the impetus of their new coaches David Auradou i Conrad Stoltzas well as its two co-presidents Laurent Piepszownik i Olivier PoulignyRC Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine) wants to be ambitious for the Season 2022-2023 which awaits crowned with a first qualification in the final phase. Before aiming upgrade to Pro D2 “in the medium term”, as stated by its co-chairman Laurent Piepszownik, Rugby news. Maintenance.

News: The departure of your sporting director Mathieu Blin on July 15 may have come as a surprise. What are the reasons?

Laurent Piepszownik: I have absolutely nothing to add on this subject, compared to our official press release. Mathieu Blin carried out a mission of structuring the club, of which we are very satisfied. We have remained on very good terms and continue to exchange emails regularly. It should be noted that Mathieu had no role in the sports aspect. He was in charge of structuring the club, from an administrative point of view, and of overseeing the transversality between all the teams, from youth to Seniors. He also took care of our infrastructure and the start of the works, that is, everything that was not sports. Mathieu’s departure forces us to look for another organization for extra-sports, but the sporting aspect was already resolved with the arrival of David Auradou and Conrad Stoltz as coaches. As manager of the first team, David Auradou will also be in charge of working on this transversality, because it is very important that the flag team is not isolated from the rest of the club.

We have one of the 5 biggest budgets in the National 1 so it would be disappointing not to have equivalent results…

Laurent PiepszownikCo-president of RC Suresnes

What are the ambitions of the RCS under the orders of this new staff?

LP: Their goal is to at least qualify for the final stages. Our club has one of the 5 biggest budgets in the National Championship 1, so it would be disappointing not to have equivalent results. If we are not qualified at the end of this 2022-2023 season, we would be very disappointed indeed, compared to our ambitions.

Suresnes, therefore, is no longer the Petit Poucet of the National and now he can barely hide…

LP: It’s not for me to say… But if we talk about Petit Poucet from a strictly budgetary point of view, obviously, we are no longer one. 2 years ago, our goal was to stay in this division, but already last season, we wanted more than to stay, we wanted to finish in the middle of the table and if we could smile, qualify. We still have the ambition to move up to Pro D2 in the medium term. The notion of medium term is always vague, what is certain is that I have not committed to staying at Nacional 1.

How long did it take you to access Pro D2? 4 or 5 years?

LP: It is very difficult to answer. If he can smile sooner, it will be sooner. 4-5 years is already quite a distant horizon… We’ll see.

Our recruitment is done with the aim of at least qualification.

Laurent PiepszownikCo-president of Suresnes

Does your latest recruitment, with 12 recruits including many young people, seem in line with your new ambitions?

LP: I don’t intend to grade the hire before the season starts. A priori, our recruitment is done with the aim, at least, of qualification. When we finished the first friendlies, we can already see it, but what we saw against Cognac/Saint-Jean-d’Angély (victory 32-12, Friday 5 August) allows us to be quite optimistic, although it remains a preparation meeting

The Jean-Moulin Stadium, home of the RCS, will be renovated to comply with Pro D2.
The Stade Jean-Moulin, home of the RCS, will be renovated to meet Pro D2 standards. (© Icon Sports)

In terms of structures and development, is your club ready for Pro D2?

LP: We have had new synthetic turf since last season and major works have started on our stadium. We redid the changing rooms, then the stands. Between our SASP (Société Anonyme Sportive Professionnelle intended for the management of the professional group, editor’s note) and the city council, we have the desire to make the Jean-Moulin stadium suitable for Pro D2 standards, which not yet.. At the moment, its capacity is only 1,500 seats, but we are considering buying a tubular structure (prefabricated grandstand) on the other side of the existing grandstand.

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With Massy’s return to Pro D2, is there room for a fourth pro club in Île-de-France?

LP: Massy is already a bit far geographically, because Essonne is not right next to the Hauts-de-Seine. From an economic point of view, we try to structure the event, commercial and marketing part in order to live up to our ambitions. We are located next to the business district of La Défense which is an area with many companies. If we manage to define an exciting project, there is no reason why we cannot increase our sponsorship, events, marketing budget… The RCS premises are rural, but there is a great view of Paris, as we are at altitude It really is a must-see place. We have the possibility to quickly register in the professional world. That the Paris region has 4 professional clubs between Pro D2 and Top 14 is not ridiculous…

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