RUGBY. Spotted in 2018, have these 10 young Pro D2 talents made it to the top?

PRO D2 – Focus on 10 young players to keep a close eye on in 2018-2019What has become of these ten players since our article?

The Frenchman’s brother Cameron eventually only spent one season at Montauban, without playing the slightest match in Pro D2. He then returned to Tarbes in Fédérale 1. Here he began his senior career. He played 17 games in the 2019/2020 season, all as a starter. It was then in Rouen that the 2nd line discovered the Pro D2. On his watch, 22 games for 11 starters in two seasons. This year, it will evolve in Nice in National. “I am happy to come to Nice because it is an ambitious club. The plan is to get to Pro D2 and stay there and I share that ambition.” he said via the club’s website.

PRO D2.  Nadir Megdoud couldn't stand professional rugby anymore, but he is shining again with RouenPRO D2. Nadir Megdoud couldn’t stand professional rugby anymore, but he is shining again with RouenUnique trajectory of this player who had discovered the Top 14 and even the European Cup in the 2017/2018 financial year. Offered a bright future but the victim of a serious injury, he had opted to retire aged just 21… only to finally return to the grass two years later. First with Beauvais, where he only played three games, then especially at Rouen where he became one of the managers of the Norman formation in Pro D2 with eight tries on the clock in 23 games (22 starters). The Algerian international will still have a big role to play this season to help Rouen do well in the elite den.

Unlike the first two cities, he never left his club. It must be said that he was formed there. And this even if he had to go through Federal 1 and then National before returning to the professional world. Over the years, the centre-back has become one of the important players in the Massicois squad, going from seven Pro D2 appearances in 2017/2018 to 21 last year. Author of six essays at National, he has recently extended two years with Massy. Accreditation of the bond that reigns between the two parties.

Charly Trussardi, scrum half – Béziers > Albi (1997)

An Italian Under-20 international, the number 9 has had quite an original career since our 2018 article. He landed at ASBH on loan from Clermont where he had been training and played 8 games, including one in the Cup of champions , participated in 17 games in Pro D2. Then he chose to cross the Alps to reach Italy and Treviso. “I had the opportunity to play at a good level and to live a different life experience, with the Pro 14 championship. Being half Italian, I chose this opportunity with, perhaps, the possibility of making the national team.” he told France Bleu. Not retained by the Squad, he also played for Rovigo before returning to France for Albi. Last year he played 19 games for Nacional.

Guram Papidze knew how to be patient before he could make his mark in the professional world. During his first two seasons at USON, he only played 10 games (mostly due to Covid and an operation). But the 2020/2021 financial year was the right one for the Georgian. Capped 21 times, started 13 games in Pro D2 and even scored three tries. Performances that attracted the attention of La Rochelle. Management of the Top 14 and the Champions Cup for the young pillar. And he didn’t wax the bench with 15 match sheets (3 terms) and four European games on the clock. He even played two international matches in 2022. He took charge of Pau for the 2022/2023 season.

Pro D2.  Lucas Peyresblanques, the (almost) little Basque with a lot of futurePro D2. Lucas Peyresblanques, the (almost) little Basque with a lot of futureFrance has no shortage of talented prostitutes, and Lucas Peyresblanques is one of them. Since our article, the number has become part of the Basque formation. Very dynamic hooker, he will undoubtedly be one of the players to follow this season, but in the Top 14. Indeed, he has chosen to leave the Basque Country for the capital. The Stade Français rely heavily on him to find the heights. Sidelined last year by injury, he will no doubt bounce back like never before.

TRANSFERS.  TOP 14. Tuivuaka, Kamikamica... Races change Fiji timeTRANSFERS. TOP 14. Tuivuaka, Kamikamica… Races change Fiji timeBy leaving UBB and the Top 14 for Vannes on loan, the 3rd line was given a real chance to get time and shine. And he did not fail as he participated in 23 games (13 starters). Performances that attracted the attention of an elite formation, Brive. In three seasons at the CAB, he played 45 games (29 starts) and scored six tries. Now firmly established in the elite, the Fiji international will discover a new universe and the Champions Cup alongside Racing 92. A very big test for him against the competition.

Alexandre Becognee, third row – Mont-de-Marsan > Montpellier (1996)

Top 14. Alexandre Bécognée, the 3rd line that goes up in the MHRTop 14. Alexandre Bécognée, the 3rd line that goes up in the MHROur editorial staff had got it right with Alexandre. During the 2018/2019 season, the 3rd line was one of the potential starters at the Stade Montois with 26 games played. Performances that allowed him to join a Top 14 formation, in this case Montpellier and play in the European Cup. But also to join the French team. In July 2021, he flew with the Blues to Australia (1 cap). The 21/22 exercise was really where Bécognée shone. Part of the MHR, he was in the final won against Castres last June. Without a doubt, he will be one of the managers next season.

Rafaël Cordier, winger – US Bressane > Hyères-Carqueiranne (1994)

Definitely one of the lesser known players on this list. After Lille and Strasbourg where he had played in the Federal 1, the winger had joined Bourg-en-Bresse to taste professional rugby. But he only played six games in a 2018/2019 season where the Bressanones kept nothing. If he had signed for two years in 2018, he only stayed for one season. Then he left the bags Rugby Club Hyeres Carqueiranne La Crau, appearing in 23 games over three seasons. The club would not keep him.

Faraj Fartass, winger – Vannes > Suresnes (1997)

One of the players on this list who was highly expected but ultimately failed to make his mark both professionally and internationally. And this, despite a precious gold medal at the Youth Olympic Games in 2014. Lacking playing time in Paris and a shoulder injury in 2017, the U20 international had joined Vannes on loan. Finally, he will stay there for two seasons, the first has been much better than the second (covid) with 16 games on the clock, including 15 starters. Not held back by RCV, he chose to join Beauvais and their beautiful project at Federal 1. But mostly several of his friends who were playing there at the time. After a great season 21/22 (19 games), he signed for Suresnes in the National.

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