Rugby – Pro D2: SU Agen lowers prices to fill Armandie next season

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Next Tuesday, summer day, the SUA will open its subscription campaign to its fans. And the least we can say is that the promised aggressive pricing policy has been kept.

For several years now, fans have been complaining about the high price of seats at Armandie compared to what could be practiced at other Top 14 or Pro D2 stadiums. Also, the renovation of the Armandie stadium, which cost the USA seven million euros in total and for everyone, could suggest that the club would not move its schedule of tickets and season tickets to make its investment profitable. .

But Jean-François Fonteneau and his team disagreed. At the end of last season, at the time of the balance sheet and projections, the head of Sporting had promised an aggressive pricing policy for the 2022/2023 season. So we were waiting to see what SUA will offer its fans on its new stage.

Prices halved

Promised, due! Sporting have lowered their prices for this new season. The average price of the place, in Armandie, will be 20 euros. The effort is especially significant at the Lacroix stand where the single price will be 5 euros (against 10 or even 15 from previous seasons). “We want to attract new generations to the stadium,” said Arnaud Kerjean, the club’s stadium director, and Jean-François Fonteneau. Young people are the main target of Agen leaders. With modest prices – “you will find few stadiums with a seat and covered at five euros” – they want to give a new impetus to Armandie’s public after the two seasons complicated by the pandemic and the half-mast results.

Retail prices for seats in Armandie.

At the new Ferrasse stand, again, an effort has been made at the box office. The range of the past, which ranges from 25 to 55 euros, has been revised downwards. It is now between 15 euros (at the ends) and 35 euros (at the center). Same price in Basque. However, for the four to five gala matches of the season, the club will maintain its five euro raise in all places.

“Breaking codes”

This pricing policy requires the US to fill Armandie to be profitable. But the club has planned its move and is confidently moving towards this challenge. “With an average of 4,500 spectators, we are the 11th Pro D2 audience this season,” asks the president of Agenais. But we only had 5000 seats available with the stadium refurbishment. Which ultimately gives us one of the best Top 14 and Pro D2 fill rates combined. Also this year, the US has launched a study among fans on their expectations of the new Armandie. It turns out, among other things, that they demanded places at 25 euros. SU Agen has adapted and now offers this rate in 40% of its car park. Thanks to all this, in addition to the various varied activities, the club expects to attract between 7,500 and 8,000 people for each meeting in Armandie. “With this new stage, we have the opportunity to break the codes, to launch a new dynamic. This pricing policy is one of them. It allows as many people as possible to join Armandie while retaining her portfolio.

Retail subscription prices.

Retail subscription prices.

This observation is also found for subscriptions, whose campaign will launch on Tuesday. He now has 79 euros for 15 games in Lacroix (that is, twice a month than in previous seasons) and between 209 and 469 euros in the side stands (35%). The Ferrasse stand will only open on October 6, the club will present a 13-match offer. Therefore, those who still want to take the 15-match will be replaced by Basquet for the first two receptions of the season. Subscribers for the 2021/2022 season will have priority until July 16.

A face wash to get to the Armandie stretches at affordable prices for families and students? This is the wish of the leaders in any case, who want to bring the USA closer to its local public in its global policy of hosting the stadium.

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