Rugby / Pro D2: In SUA, the Loustau method is tough

the essential
The one who has already experienced three promotions to Pro D2 put his paw in July, in the group of players during the physical preparation. Demanding and innovative, it is the guarantor of the energetic state of the troops before the start of the season.

For a fitness trainer, the pre-season is the ideal playground. Coaches entrust players to their expert hands. For a month, VMA and high intensity will replace in the current vocabulary the carried ball and double jumps. For these “sweat makers”, the key moment of the season.

Arriving this summer as the new acting director, Ludovic Loustau therefore organized this physical preparation, so important in today’s rugby. “This is where the players are 100% concerned about their physical preparation. You mustn’t get lost, always be at the right intensities, at what you can target best, and avoid minor injuries that disturb the proper functioning of the training. »

And the Talence native knows what he’s talking about. Since retiring from the field, he has successfully embraced a career as a long-time physical trainer at UBB (2009-2018), then at Bayonne.

It was left to row in the cold

In the Basque Country, the idyll was cut short. “We were asked to act, but it was outrageous. We worked in prefabs, we didn’t have anything, we couldn’t buy material. We did what we could but the club, and in particular the chairman, had not put anything in place to ensure that the players performed well. »

He then responded favorably to his former captain’s request to the USAP. Also seduced by the new infrastructures of Armandie “There are high-level facilities, there we can talk about performance. The president did a crazy job. »

He then set to work, with his team, to meet the expectations of his coach: to bring all the players to a physical condition capable of meeting the requirements of a high level, that is, repeating tasks at a very high intensity. “We set the framework, Loustau explains. The intensity is there. We believe that players have a passive behind them and want to do something. It is positive. »

The week broke down as follows. Monday: short and dynamic efforts: to develop alertness; Tuesday: High intensity volume to build stamina and endurance. Wednesday: swimming pool. Thursday: speed work. Friday: power work – resistance (uphill race to the Hermitage mainly).

Wednesday is swimming pool

Ludovic Loustau quickly adapted to his new surroundings. In addition to the shores of the Hermitage, he quickly saw the Aquasud pool. “We were very well received there by charming people. Every Wednesday morning in July there was an apnea job, which is similar to the combat phases. In addition, he walked on the bottom of the water with weights, staying connected to other players by wearing ligatures. The advantage of working in the pool is that you are more physically relaxed in the middle of a demanding week. And we can provide a playful side that allows players to challenge themselves and create a competitive atmosphere. »

Rugby has been integrated into these physical exercises to facilitate emulation and player involvement. “We must not let them go because there are mornings that are difficult. We train five days a week anyway, it’s quite demanding. It takes a lot of dedication and energy. “As a former scrum half, Ludovic Lousatu does not hesitate to speak up. Loyal fans who never miss a workout can attest to that. “We can even hear it across the field! »
Little by little now, the director of performance will cede prominence to the rugby technicians themselves. But he continues to push his group towards excellence to see him in full form in Aix on August 26 and throughout the rest of the season.

usap connection

At SUA, the former Perpignan scrum-half was reunited with his 2000s hinge friend Manny Edmonds and his captain Bernard Goutta. “We always kept in touch, but we never met on a staff. On the evening of the first day, Bernard looked at me and said: “it seems that we have always worked together”. It’s great, we saved time on this. We we know, we don’t have to observe each other, we trust, I know and I am convinced that when we work in this way we are rewarded very quickly.

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