rugby Nicolas Bézy still without a club: “I’m even ready to be a joker or number 3 in the Top 14”

Not retained by Provence Rugby, Nicolas Bézy has yet to find a club for next season. (© Icon Sports)

Nicolas Bezy lonely trains Away from the others, in his corner. Not held by Provençal Rugby, the 32-year-old scrum or fly-half is staying fit, with the secret hope that a professional club will call him up. His physical preparation, he follows mainly thanks to two physiotherapists from Brive who have set up a structure for professional athletes and who have sent him a very specific program with exercises.

But the more days pass, the less illusions Nicolas Bézy has. “The recruitment of clubs is over, the deadline is over, I only have the possibility of being a medical joker. Or, additional player”, he remembers what happened to Toulouse, Stade Français, Grenoble, Brive or Provence Rugby.

Bézy: “No professional club called me…”

32 years old, JIFF (Training Sector Player), versatile 9-10, goalscorer: Nicolas Bézy has assets. And last year, he lined out 23 times for Provence Rugby, giving him good exposure. Except the phone remains desperately silent. Bézy recognizes us: “What surprises me, although I remain quite humble, is that no professional club called me. Zero. Nothing. However, I was hoping they would contact me. Jérôme Porical, with whom he played, passed on his number to the Béziers club, in search of reinforcements. But the ASBH never called Nicolas Bézy.

Still, the 32-year-old is listening, currently saying he’s “ready to be a medical prankster or 3e position in a Top 14 club. The Pro D2, again why not. “But if it is to play maintenance, it is not”, he tells us. The requests come mainly from National 1 teams. And Nicolas, whose first professional match dates back to March 15, 2008 during a Toulouse-Dax, does not intend to go down that much. It doesn’t “tempt” him and, above all, it doesn’t correspond with the career plan he has in mind.

Provence Rugby decide not to keep him

His wish was to continue for a year at Provence Rugby. But the extension never came. “During the individual interviews last January for the players coming out of their contract at Provence Rugby, we learned that almost all of us would not be staying. One young man was kept, and as for Théo Belan and myself, that is not yet had determined”, recalls Bézy. Who continues:

There I started telling myself that this didn’t smell good to me and braced myself for bad news. I was made to understand that my extension was dependent on the new coach 3/4. Well, I also understood that there was my age in the balance, that the club intended to rely on young people. Provence Rugby finally took a 25-year-old and it didn’t stick. For me, it wasn’t really a big surprise. Anyway, the club took the time to explain the reasons to me.

Nicolas BezyProfessional player without a club

There is no future at Provence Rugby, then, for Bézy, who sees a door closing. Behind, no other open.

The dream of going to the United States

In France, his future seems increasingly blocked. And Nicolas Bézy has a dream: to discover the United States and play in Major League Rugby, the national rugby championship. “The competition resumes in February, recruitment takes place in December. I have contacts, but nothing concretely written”, he admits, somewhat fatalistically. Because he is also aware of one thing: “You don’t leave like this at the last minute for the United States with your family.”

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If nothing comes of it in the coming days, weeks and months, Nicolas Bézy will make the decision to end his career. After a white season, he believes that it will be very difficult for him to resume. At the same time, the native of Fontenay-aux-Roses (Hauts-de-Seine) will continue with his license, which began in April 2022, to become a players’ agent.

Scorer, JIFF, versatile 9-10, 32 years old... Nicolas Bézy has a bit of flair.  But no professional club called him.  If he doesn't find anything this year, his career will be over.
Scorer, JIFF, versatile 9-10, 32 years old… Nicolas Bézy has a bit of flair. But no professional club called him. If he doesn’t find anything this year, his career will be over. (© Icon Sports)

Bézy: “If I have to end my career like this, it won’t be dramatic”

Morally, although some are the type to get angry, Nicolas Bézy can handle the shock well: “I’m not the type to repeat myself. Anyway, I have no choice: no professional club called me. If I have to end my career like this, it won’t be dramatic. I will not grieve or cry. I know it’s harder for some players who are in the same situation as me.

He lets it go: “And then, I don’t consider myself a rugby player, I mean I’m not going to live telling everyone I’m a former professional player. One day, we know it’s over. That’s always been on my mind.”

His message to the players at the end of the contract

An intelligent and lucid man, and even if he still wants to play, Bézy is “ready to move on”. “It doesn’t scare me at all,” he said. “I managed my money well, my wife works, I covered my back well. Yes, there will be a taste of unfinished business if it ends this way, but such is life.

FromRugby newsthe eldest of the Bézy brothers (Sébastien plays for Clermont, ed), wants to send a message to all those who find themselves free in the transfer market: “When you are at the end of your contract, because you must not forget that a rugby player he only lives on fixed term contracts, you have to prepare for any eventuality. Get ahead, don’t just see through rugby. Because even at 25, it can all be over, overnight. This is something to keep in mind. If my message can help some…”

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