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Charles Giménez has passed. (©Charles Gimenez – Icon Sport)

At only 31 years old, Carlos Gimenez he certainly didn’t get the farewell he would have liked. trained by Pamiers before joining the great house of Toulouse, the three-quarter center rubbed shoulders with the Top 14 with the Stadium of Toulouse before signing a professional contract with the Olympic Biarritz. In love with the region, the Ariégeois by birth will stay 10 years in the Basque lands where he has settled definitively.

In full reconversion, Charles Gimenez returns to Rugby news about the best moments of his career, his current life and moving away from the sport he loved so much.

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The native of Pamiers abruptly stopped his career in 2019. At that time he did not have time to think about his recycling. But when he was still a player, Charles Gimenez had set up a restaurant with his partner, as well as a stand in the halls of Anglet. “It went very well. I kept it for three years but I realized that this was not the life I needed compared to my children. I wanted schedules in line with my family life. I worked there all the time, until everything sometimes in the evening. It was a great experience but I sold it to my partner”, explains the former centre-back.

Charles Giménez says it himself: he still doesn’t quite know where he’s going. However, the young retiree wants to retrain himself in the renovation of buildings. An area he knows well since his brother is in the business. He also rebuilt a house, as well as two apartments, accompanied by him and his father. The former Biarritz Olympique player also enjoys music. He offers bars and restaurants on the Basque coast musical events with his friend and former teammate, Magnus Lund.

Charles Gimenez (right) with his lifelong friend Magnus Lund.
Charles Gimenez (right) with his lifelong friend Magnus Lund. (©Charles Gimenez)

A difficult career ending

Charles Gimenez didn’t have the best of starts. A pity, when we know the fervor of the stadiumAguilera and his recognition of the club’s history. “I found out he was leaving BO three days before the last game. It was super brutal… I couldn’t think about ending my career. Fortunately, my family was at the game. But it was strange. I did not like the meeting. Also, I was a substitute. The end of my career was dry”, he remembers with regret.

Still level and very fit, the three-quarter center had contacts to continue his career: “I wasn’t very interested in playing in Federal 1. I wanted to spend time with my children. There were a few stories in the BO with the change of chairman, the merger stories… It got me a bit demotivated rugby-wise. I wanted to focus on something else. »

“The season after the end of my career, I didn’t even follow him. I was glad I turned the page. In three years I have only been to the stadium twice. I don’t have time, I take care of my children. What I need is physical activity. I had lost weight. So I resumed sports activity with Magnus (Lund) who is a physical trainer and I follow a little routine with my children at home. “If the “fiber” of rugby does not pass too much, the contact with former colleagues remains intact as with Teddy Thomas, Rafael Lakafia, Yann Lesgourgues or even Maxime and Ximun Lucu. “I still saw the France national team this year, it’s great to see him play! When you see Antoine Dupont, it’s crazy!” Ariegeois enthuses.

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Memories in chaos

Who is the best player you have faced? For Charles Gimenez, the time for reflection was long, but three players stand out: “There are many! Yannick Jauzion, when we started especially. Me playing in the center, it was crazy, we trained against him and it was impossible… There was Takudzwa Ngwenya who was way above me. Every weekend was crazy. Dimitri Yachvili was also up. He kept the club a bit to himself.

Charles Gimenez will have played 179 games with the BO shirt.
Charles Gimenez will have played 179 games with the BO shirt. (© Icon Sports)

In Toulouse, Charles Gimenez remembers his first games. front first Perpignanin the Aimé-Giral arena in June 2008 and the second a few days later against Bayonne at Ernest Wallon. Then, in Biarritz, we’ll let you guess which games marked the player’s career the most… “There was the European Challenge title and all the games in Anoeta. And then… the derbies, of course! These are exceptional games to play. I was lucky enough to win 3 or 4 times Jean Dauger and it’s like winning a title (laughs). It was too good”, remembers Giménez. But the old town does not remember particularly painful moments. In the quarter-finals they lost against Toulouse de Languedoc European Cup at Anoeta it is actually part of it, even if Charles Gimenez keeps it as a beautiful memory. In 2012, after the victory against Toulon in the European Challenge, the former player particularly remembers a 3e memorable half-time: “We celebrated the title for a long time, even a long time. It was a great memory. We chained together evening after evening, like all winning teams! We have pictures of the boys sleeping with the cup… It was great”.

Charles Gimenez will never forget his 10 years at the BO. “The bond with the supporters was very strong,” says the three-quarter ex-centre. Today, the Ariégeois expatriate in the Basque Country continues his life in search of recycling and spends quality time with his wife and children.

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