Rugby News finds Luciano Orquera: “I loved Dimitri Yachvili, he was very smart”

Italy’s former first goal, which went remarkably through Brive to France, Luciano Orquera, has been entrusted to Actu Rugby. (© Icon Sport / DR)

TheItaly remember the good old days. The furry Mirco and Mauro Bergamasco, Martin Castrogiovanni as well as Sergio Parisse and Leonardo Ghiraldini, the baldest … But rugby fans also remember the first part Luciano OrqueraThrough Auch, Brive, Too, but also beautiful. Former top scorer and good coach, the Italian is enjoying his new life. He returns for Rugby news about his long rugby career in France and about his second passion: real estate.

Luciano Orquera is a native of Cordova a Argentina, as a certain Diego Domínguez, former operator of the Nazionale (74 matches) and the Stade Français in Paris. He repeats his ranks for up to 20 years before attempting an exodus alongside Sorgues (Vaucluse), in France, and Federal 2 at the time. “I did not leave in the hope of becoming a professional. I just wanted to gain experience abroad “, says the former opener. After a passage with Petrarca Padoue, the Italian master will return to France.

Auch and Brive: “I had a great time”

In November 2004, Orquera lived his first selection with Italy against Canada (a match easily won 54-06). A few months later, he joined Auch, and then entered Pro D2. “I left like medical joker a Auch. I was there for six months. It was a great experience, ”he explains. For the anecdote, Orquera especially remembers a moment of laughter lived during training: “It was a group that laughed a lot! Before training, it rained a lot. The boys shampooed their hair and ended up with a lot of foam. We had laughed a lot. The atmosphere was great! laughs the exobridor.

In 2006 he joined Briveen Top 14 and will remain five seasons. “During my stay in Brive, I benefited enormously. I had great times, I had great friends, I loved the city, the fans, the stadium … There were great players, we had a great team. I lived there for many good years “, explains Luciano Orquera in perfect French. He admits to having laughed well with the Argentine Horace Needle, former Dax and Castres player, played for Brive (2008-2010). The Italian striker had also befriended the former half-scrum of La Rochelle and Colomiers, Damien Nebotwith whom he traveled often.

Luciano Orquera spent five seasons with Brive.
Luciano Orquera spent five seasons with Brive. (© Icon Sports)

Good and bad memories with the Nazionale

The life of a professional rugby player sometimes allows you to live strong and unforgettable moments. Luciano Orquera has never won a title with Italy despite his 48 games (154 points scored). But the 6 Nations Tournament in 2013 (4e square, France 6e), was lived almost like a victory: “It was an important moment. From November 2012 to 2013 we had good results, we had good years with a very good team. During the Tournament, we beat France in Rome on the 1sttime day (23-18) and Ireland in the last (22-15). We were in a good dynamic ”.

Other, less happy memories also resurface in the striker’s head: “In 2011 and a few minutes from the end, we led 11-10 against Ireland. But Ronan O’Gara hit a drop and take the lead. I have one last chance at the last minute where I hit a long descent, and I miss it. It was very difficult to take on, ”says Orquera. Three years later, the same scenario is repeated: “Against Scotland in 2014 in Rome, we are five minutes from the end and there, Duncan Weir goes downhill and loses the game. It was very difficult “, points out the star with a touch of nostalgia.

Luciano Orquera has 48 games with Italy.
Luciano Orquera has 48 games with Italy. (© Icon Sports)

Yachvili and Parra, the two best French players in his eyes

When you ask Luciano Orquera who is the best French player in his eyes, the answer is almost instinctive: Dmitri Yachvili. “I loved him. I really liked the way he played. He was very clever,” said the Italian before continuing. Morgan Parra. He was already very mature when he played his first matches at the Bourgoin “.

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All nationalities together, Jonathan Sexton Luciano Orquera has always impressed. “In 2006 with Brive, we played against Leinster. Sexton was playing, he was very young. He already made a wonderful stitching game. It has been growing since then, but I really like how it is managed with both the foot and the hand ”, recalls and analyzes the Italian.

Real estate, his second life

Luciano Orquera’s career ended with a first stage in Massy, ​​well supervised by Didier Faugeron, his former coach at Brive, and a last loop next to the Stade Niçois. “I knew I was no longer at the level in relation to my age and my physical condition. I started thinking about my conversion. That’s why I decided to come to the Côte d’Azur to look for a club and train. We find beautifulwho had planned to come to Federal 1. I came, we went up to Fed 1 and I stopped in June 2018 ″, Transalpin recalls.

Luciano Orquera only played one season at Massy.
Luciano Orquera only played one season at Massy. (© Icon Sports)

“Then, when I stopped playing, I studied DEJEPS in Aix-en-Provence. I coached Monaco in honor. We went up to Federal 3. I was there for two years. There was the health crisis, so I stopped collaborating because I no longer wanted to commit to a club. At the same time, he had a real estate conversion project. In Nice, I had set up my company as a real estate trader (the principle is to buy flats or houses in poor condition to fix them and resell them with a capital gain). I developed my activity, and I focused on my family ”.

Throughout his career, Luciano Orquera has been passionate about real estate: “I have always had a passion for real estate, I have always invested. When I started my career, I was buying apartments in the United States, Argentina and even here. As soon as you have the passion, everything becomes easier ”. A profession he still practices on the east coast of France.

“Paolo Garbisi? I was surprised “

The former Brive and Auch debutant discovers that rugby has become even more physical today. “During the Castres semi-final I asked Benjamin Urdapilleta, with whom I was, if rugby had changed. He replied no, not really. But I think it hits harder. The Scrum-halfs are also increasingly using their footwork, ”explains Orquera.

The former Italian opener, Luciano Orquera, has always been passionate about real estate, and has become in this sector.
The former Italian opener, Luciano Orquera, has always been passionate about real estate, and has become in this sector. (© DR)

Kicking precisely, an art dominated by the opener of the MHR, Paolo Garbisi, Italian international (22 years old). Orquera comments on one of the nuggets of transalpine rugby: “He is a very talented player. I was amazed at his maturity. He seems to have five years of experience when you see the games he is capable of. I don’t see many flaws in it. We see it, he became a regular at the MHR in his first season, he is champion of France, we will surely talk about it in the coming years ”.

The real estate trader, now 40, continues his life on the Côte d’Azur accompanied by his wife and children, one of whom is closely following the youth categories at the Nice Stadium.

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