rugby National Saga 1: Dax, a new template for a new beginning

Etienne Loiret and Ilikena Bolakoro, overseen here by new manager Jeff Dubois. (©US Dax Rugby Lands)

Every day and until next week, Rugby news brings you a saga dedicated to the clubs of National 1. Today, zoom in on the US Dax. We had left Dax leave professionalism in the 2017-2018 season after many difficult years. A few seasons later, the spa club has yet to get back on the bandwagon Pro D2 and will evolve this year towards National 1. Despite some solidity at home, the Landes club proved to be too erratic away from home to play for the top spots.

7th in the National, one place out of the first place, Dax had not achieved his pre-season goals. For this new epic in the front room of Pro D2, USD has used a new experienced staff, who have known the high level for a long time. You may have already understood, today the new episode of our National 1 saga stops in Dax.

Jeff Dubois and Marc Dal Maso arrive

US Dax upsets his staff for the upcoming season. With the departures of forwards coach Emmanuel Maignien (CDF de Pau director), coach Jack Isaac during the season and that ofArnaud Mignardi, future player of Auch, the white and red club called old acquaintances. The former half of the fly Béziers, pigeon lofts, Toulousefrom Career 92 and trained in Peyrehorade, Jeff Duboisreturns to the spa town as manager.

He will be assisted by the former French international Marc Dal Maso (33 heads), who will come as a consultant to the scrum Dacquoise. After many experiences alongside the Montois stadiumfrom Japanof Toulon but also Highlanders he will contribute his know-how to the white and red pack. Hervé Durquety will be in charge of training the forwards. When it comes to training, and for more than a decade, USD has rarely found the right formula. Will she finally be the right one?

Recruitment: Youth bonus

In the dacquois ranks, a dozen players either stop or will play elsewhere. Benat Auzqui (Rion-Morcenx), Duke Nginingini (New Zealand), Pieter Franz Stemmet (Lannemezan), Théo Delblancu (Anglet), Jérémy Helmbacher (Rion-Morcenx), Lasha Lomidze (Marmande), Alex Tulou (retired), Thomas Curutchet (Anglet), Vincent Hollet (Anglet), Esava Delai (Le Havre), Martin Prat (retired), will no longer be on the banks of the Adour.

Théo Duprat and Guillaume Bouche are among the nine announced recruits.
Théo Duprat and Guillaume Bouche are among the nine announced recruits. (©US Dax Rugby Lands)

Despite these numerous departures and no less important, the USD has formalized, for now, nine recruits. Among them, we find a former member of the Dacquoise house and Pro D2 champion with Bayonne: Maxime Delonca (34 years). He has also signed the 7-year-old French international, Guillaume Bouche (Bayonne), as well as the Portuguese international Rodrigo Marta (22), who will be closely followed.

US Dax Recruits

Anthony Pelmard (26): Pilar, Blagnac
Dino Casadeï (21): Pilar, on loan from Mont-de-Marsan
Maxime Delonca (34 years old): Hooker, Bayonne
Louis Barrère (21): Hooker, Pau
Paul Ausset (23): Third line, Toulouse
Hugo Fourquet (20 years old): three-quarter center back, on loan from Bayonne
Guillaume Bouche (22): Winger, Bayonne
Rodrigo Marta (22): centre-back or full-back, Belenenses (POR)
Théo Duprat (22 years): Back, Mont-de-Marsan

After mixed seasons, the American Dax will remain a solid client, even more so in his Maurice-Boyau den, which rarely struggled last season.

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