RUGBY. Municipality, 10 brothers and sisters, Havana … Discover the AMAZING story of Hacjivah Dayimani

In Zulu, its first name means “diamond”. And given the boy’s talent, it’s anything but usurped. Even more so if we delve deeper into his life and try to understand where Hacjivah Dayimani went to get there. That is, to a URC champion title collected 3 weeks ago at just 24 years old and celebrated as it should be for six days. Six long days during which the 3rd line of the Stormers took advantage perhaps as never before in his life that has nothing to do with that of ordinary mortals. Walking through the city of Cape Town like in a big drink, flooding his social media with photos of him spraying champagne on his victorious T-shirt, drinking beers next to the mayor of the city and chatting -as an ambassador- on the social problems facing the city of Cape Town. .

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Because he knows the problems that continue to hide under the lush facade of the South African mother city. Hacjivah Dayimani grew up with them, along with poverty, dirt, lack of guidance, and deepest misery. A wandering childhood, which saw him wander from province to province, from village to village, from school to school. Son of separated parents, the boy moved from his mother’s hut to his grandmother’s house, further east, before being sent to his father in Johannesburg while one changes his shirt. There, in front of his father who did not want him, Dayimani slept on the floor, where he found space, next to his 10 brothers and sisters. RugbyPass details:

I was seven or eight years old, I drove the truck to the elite areas, where we were repairing pavements, doing construction work, laying tiles …

One day, a sports teacher punished him for finishing last in a 3km time trial, not realizing that he had hitchhiked for several hours and was walking a few miles later, only to go to training. Anecdotes like this, Dayimani’s childhood is coffee. But worse than the physical difficulty, it was the emotional pain that was probably the biggest step in crossing the Cape child. “My father was raised as a child soldier in Nigeria, one of the worst armies for brutality“, explain.He also wanted us to be tough. I loved her kids, but she was so strict that she would rather lose her son than let me play rugby.The explanation is that as a pure Igbo Jew (an ethnic group from southeastern Nigeria), his father strictly forbids him from playing rugby on Saturday, during Shabbat.

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Verdict for Dayimani, he whose oval ball, discovered thanks to Bryan Havana’s dives in 2007, was the only escape of his life? exile. “One day I decided I couldn’t live with that. I preferred to sever ties with my father and live alone. He had grown up without a father and that was not going to change now. So I went to Jeppe (prestigious boarding school in Johannesburg, where Jake White died) thanks to a scholarship as an annual resident.“In fact, it was because of the child’s precarious situation and because his father did not want to pay for the required half-action that the school offered him a full scholarship. Young but already so determined, Dayimani will return the hundred.

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Above the batch of youth categories, the main stakeholder will end up being selected with the SA School in U18, a kind of national reserve (known for its level) of young people in South Africa. So famous that some of his matches are already shown on the screen. This is how in 2015 Dayimani scored a good try against an English team, under the watchful eye of his father, then on his deathbed. “I scored an 89 played with Embrose Paper (half scrum with 7 lids with the Springboks) and it was a moment that changed my life. My uncle called me a few days later, but I said, “I don’t want anything to do with you.” I had received some calls from my father but had not answered. Why should I? I didn’t want to talk to him.“His father died afterwards, leaving his last wishes by voicemail. That Hacjivah will listen, until he turns him upside down.

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Still, that final goodbye pushed him even further into one thing: trying to make money, buy a nice car, and have a roof over his head, in his words. “I never understood how to save myself or take care of myself, but all I knew was that I wanted to be able to support myself.While his siblings and cousins ​​rubbed against all the prison walls, the big one (1m88 per 99kg) worked hard at school, learned good manners alongside a couple of white friends who went meet at school, and was given the means to succeed in rugby. “For me it goes beyond sports, and that’s why I’m more hungry than others. (…) My mother, my brothers, my sisters … everyone benefits from this sport. We feed them with this sport. If I don’t play, they don’t eat. I say it to myself all the time. (…) I have to take them to better schools, to universities, to better jobs. I have to buy them things. It’s the only way they can get out of where they are. “

At almost 36 years old, former Grenoble Deon Fourie summoned for the first time with the Springboks!At almost 36 years old, former Grenoble Deon Fourie summoned for the first time with the Springboks!

This season, after some difficult years for the Joburg Lions, Hacjivah Dayimani has fully exploded in the face of professional rugby. Holder 13 times out of 16 to form a third line of fire alongside Deon Fourie and Evan Roos, Joe Slovo’s son of the township was one of the Stormers ’strongmen this season. So much so that at almost 25, the Glasgow Warriors and a Top 14 club have expressed interest in him. To the point that at almost 25 years old he has become an example of stubbornness, resilience and success for his family. So much so that at almost 25 years old everyone is talking about a real “diamond”.

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