RUGBY. It went unnoticed, but these 5 internationals are unemployed, it’s crazy!

We tend to forget this, but being a professional rugby player is a precarious situation that depends fixed-term contracts. From one day to the next, a player can fall off his pedestal and find himself without a club because of his performance, his age or his reputation. This is the case of these five internationals, who could be eligible saint Paris for a club looking for a medical joker or extra player.

The back with a shaved head made the maximum splendor of the harlequins (2005-2021) for many seasons. Selected 72 times with the XV de la Rose, Mike Brown was part of the team English who won two 6 Nations Tournaments in a row (2016, 2017). Talk about an all-rounder who still scored 13 tries in 65 dating. His experience is no longer there to prove and it is surely because of his age (37 years old) who is now unemployed. Last year, it was still the last starting wall Newcastle with 16 starts in 16 match sheets. However, the Falcons did not offer him a new contract. Today, the interested party is waiting for new opportunities and assures that he is in full possession of his means, as he confided to the Correu. On line on September 17: “I can still play and I would like to find an opportunity to play”. Mike Brown obviously still wants and could still provide services, whether that could convince a team remains to be seen.

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Tevita KuridraniAustralia, 61 heads

The case Kuridrani rocked Biarritz Olympique last spring. While he had signed for three years on the soundtrack in September 2021, the 31-year-old center suddenly evaporated just before the last game of the Basque season. Its president Jean-Baptiste Aldige then he had declared to Sud Ouest: Tevita he must have made a mistake reading the timetables, he thought we were on holiday this week. We had so many farewell ceremonies that I must have thought the season was over. A slightly too early holiday departure and radio silence that had led to the sacking of the 61-cap player with the Wallabies. Without being extravagant, he had nevertheless started 20 times in the Basque shirt. At 31, Kuridrani he’s still in good years and could hit again if a team came looking to offer him a contract. I have yet to find it…

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If a club is looking for a strong centre (1m89, 101 kg) with good experience to oversee their youngsters and densify their three-quarter line, then Alexandre Dumoulin could appear as a good bet to try. From the highest of his 33 years, the former player of the races 92 has been without a club since leaving Pau last season. His end of the Bears adventure was marred by a wayward Achilles tendon and he featured in just 4 meetings in 2021-22. But the international french (8 selections) could still contribute if the opportunity presents itself. To see if his rather eloquent CV can give the 2016 French champion a chance.

Benjamin dropFrance, 14 heads

It’s been a while, Benjamin drop (33 years old) he seems to have dropped off the professional rugby radar. However, the player has not retired and so a club could bet on giving him one last dance. Capped 14 times with XV France, the former MHR player has not played since the 2020-2021 season having played with Oyonnax in Pro D2. Since then, the player has been unemployed and may be tempted by one last chance. If the repeated injuries that have slowed his career do not work in his favour, the player revealed in Bayonne that he has solid experience and his versatility could be an asset.

Danny CiprianiEngland, 16 matches

Here is a very capricious player who could have become an icon of English rugby, but surely missed out on a glorious career because of his escapades outside the green box. However, Cipriani he has 16 caps for England and 298 caps in British elite rugby. Last year, the 34-year-old opener officiated under Bath colours. But the club did not see fit to offer him a contract extension. A moment announced towards the United States, Cipriani remains without a club at the moment. His profile as a worker capable of playing a goalscoring role could still tip in his favor and entice a club.

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