Rugby / Impressive and masterful, the Gaudermen cadets of SU Agen are champions of France!

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After a totally wasted start, the “white-blues” were imperial on the grass of the Stade de France to be awarded the title of champion of France to the detriment of Massy (33-16).

A final has been won! And in this match, the Gaudermen cadets from Sporting Union Agenais showed that they had them in the trunk, this Friday, June 24, as the backdrop for the Top 14 final at the Stade de France.

They did the job. They brought the last stone to this masterful season. A XXL season that they complete in the most beautiful way becoming champion of France at the expense of Massy (33-16) who, however, believed that he had done the hardest. But this without counting on the determination and strength of character of this exceptional set of “white and blue”.

A complicated start

This title of champion of France was reflected in several stages in the turf of Saint-Denis. From the first ball played, the Agenais showed their desire. Too ephemeral, perhaps sprinkled with showers at the Stade de France. As if Agen’s group felt a huge pressure increase in a few seconds. A complicated setting with a start at 100 per hour. The three-quarters of Ile-de-France are trying to find the opening on the long side. The leather is a little too tight. Paul Lalbat wants to give air to his people but he resists. A first warning without consequences since a few inches from the goal, Kélé, Massy center commits a striker (0-0, 6e). But the inhabitants of Ile-de-France increase a certain fever of Agen. Lievens infiltrates solid iron and finds Hutteau in relief. On the small side, the end spoils this numerical superiority. Again too much. In the next action, the “blani-blue” defense makes a mistake. Looking at the poles, Hutteau concretizes this culmination of Massy (3-0.12e).

A 26-0 inflicted by the Agenais

Enough to put them into orbit. Faced with a solid conquest, the SUA stagnates. Too much pressure on the opposing team to push the boys of coach Gilles Cochis. In an Agenais mess, the third Ile-de-France line tore open the curtain to send Mauduit to the Promised Land (18e). And a difference that seems to widen inexorably, especially when Hutteau transforms a new foul from Lot-et-Garonne (13-0, 24).e). This scenario forces “blue and white” staff to make changes. A way to break that spiral.

A rather winning strategy with a lead from Tom Menanteau between the poles. Returning to six lengths in the “lemons”, the Agenais had reason to wait (13-7). The rest of the story proved them right. But Massy doesn’t give up immediately, taking it a little further (16-7, 40e).

Medhi Narjissi and her companions firmly believe in it. Jason Laporte enters motion mode less than 10 meters from the Ile-de-France goal. Repeated charges, so valuable to wear down the beautiful organization of the Ile-de-France region. The result is completely mind-boggling. The SUA is located, flies on the grass Ille-de-France. The conquest of Agen regains color.

It is no longer a matter of thinking. Leaving a fixation point, the young Narjissi walks along the long side. A combination with Noah Pigatti creates a gap and at the end of the line Paul Protin sinks into the corner (16-19, 49).e). Agen is revitalized at the same time as the sun is invited back to the Stade de France. Stimulus from Agen supporters down the bays. Completely found, coach Cochis ’boys drive the point home. The opposing defense inflates and the solidity of the Agenais package allows it to be tested. Timéo Gayral takes advantage of it and leaves the last wall on the fence. Truly transcended in ten minutes, Narjissi and his family took control of this final (16-19, 52e). They collide with anything that moves.

Massy, ​​who has lost all influence, is completely amorphous. Control is total for the “whites and blues,” especially the third line. Nothing seems to shake the recovered serenity. A determination rewarded with a new test of collective strength on the line (16-26, 67th). When there is more, there is still more for the SUA. These kids complete this phenomenal success by adding style. A low shot by Mourgues and Narjissi, well served by Lalbat, ends the defense to flatten. And being attacked by his teammates, his fists angry at his fans. The USA is champion of France. There is nothing to say!


At the Stade de France. As the curtain rises on the final of the Top 14.

MT : 7-13.

Score development : 0-3, 0-10, 0-13, 7-13; 7-16, 12-16, 19-16, 26-16, 33-16.

Winners : 5 E Menanteau (31), Protin (49), Gayral (52), collective (67), Narjissi (70); 1 T (31) Mourgues, 1 T (52) Protein, 2 T (67, 70) Lalbat.

Defeated : 1 E Mauduit (18), 1 T i 3 P (12, 24, 39) Hutteau.

YOUR AGENCY : Mourgues (Protin, 43rd); Pigatti, Bats (Menanteau, 24th), Narjissi (cap.), Cabarrou; (o) Lalbat, (m) Barrau (Loichot, 37th); De Vincenzi (Rich, 35th), Laporte, Gayral; Roulon, Revol; Dubourg (Devanne, 24th), Darré, Duthil (Delpech Bardin, 67th).

MASSY-ESSONNE : Lievenès; Kele, Mourier, Hutteau, Hermann (Lainier, 54th); (o) Fernando (cap.) (Menigon, 57th), (m) Cabedoche (Bayot, 48th); Mauduit, Pruski, Henderson (Gandini, 35th), Droz, Nama; Leblanc Feron (Wadjou Tomdo, 40th), Chaker (Saiki, 54th), Pagan (Cassy, ​​54th-Lebon, 64th).

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