Rugby / First Series: between Lacapelle-Biron and Laroque-Timbaut, a final to say the least undecided

the essential
This Sunday, from 3.30 pm, the line-up promises to be explosive at the Aiguillon field for this First Series final between AS Capelaine and US Roquentine, 80 minutes under an air of revenge.

Everything will be for a rugby festival in Aiguillon: sun, general public, protocols that intimidate or transcend. Lacapelle, who dreamed of such other encounters, is in the starting blocks. A reward for the hard work and diligence of the group that has been built. The pennant team will face Laroque, for a local trophy that takes on the importance of expectation and recognition. “The ASC has always reached the gates of the shield. A victory as a final reward for infallible involvement. To get the boys out of a regular season, to put them at the highest level, to sublimate them and above all to thank this club, its leaders, its volunteers and the whites and reds ”, explains Max Larrue, happy and humble. “They are focused, determined. This young group backed by veterans who are always generous, know what’s at stake, want to play, give it their all, make them lose their minds. For them, only one goal: a final, is a shield to win! “, breathes Fred Marchoux, as motivated as his players.

White and red dress …

A match that smells of revenge because the two teams faced off in early September, during the Trois-Tours challenge. At the end of a tight and lively, undecided match, where the spectators of both clubs vibrated and waited, the ASC had won by a very small point. “They got tougher, but so did we,” Max adds. It will be committed, very tight, but our boys are ready to face this first challenge of a second season that is beginning. A season that will make us discover our mind, our physique in the depths of their being, their friends, in adversity and combat. A season of gossip where every Sunday only lives on victory. A pressure certainly but that must make automatic the gestures learned and repeated tirelessly to be overcome, transcended.

The chaplains know what awaits them at this rugby festival, which will be played soon.

In Lacapelle, dressed in white and red, spring arrives as a promise because the galactic “Gras-lactic” will also live their first round of 16 in the League, against Aspro-Brive, on Saturday on the banks of the Lède. . “Conclusion of a great season. Exciting match that the group, a subtle mix of young people in their thirties still green, prepares with determination and pleasure. The most difficult thing is to form a team because the players are involved “, says Patou Malby, his emblematic coach.
The chaplaincy team is complete to face this first full weekend, with players back in shape at the perfect time.

For Laroque-Timbaut, we want to continue with the momentum of the end of the regular season and get this piece of wood. History only remembers the victors. The USR ended the regular season well, announcing a spring where we are sure to see good flights. The young shooters and fans having chosen to spend a rugby Sunday with their favorite club, this last day in Delbès was marked by a memory with a thought excited and shared by our beloved Jérôme Garens and this one. final. the 2007 French Championship. The “red” players were able to respond present and entertain while having fun against the Eymet club. It is true that the visitors of the day occupied the seventh position in the ranking, but as Alfred de Musset rightly said: “What does the bottle matter while you are drunk?”

The goal was to maintain

The boys from the country of Serres happily fulfilled the contract at the beginning of the season which was, with the humility that characterizes them, maintenance. A great success of the team around the president Arnaud Péberat who asks for others: a local final that only the most fervent and optimistic admirers of the fiftieth anniversary club could predict. The facts are there, the Roquentins at the end of the quarter did not steal it! Coaches Serge Pinto and Stéphane Moulinier were able to draw the quintessence of this intergenerational group.

The Roquentins will therefore face Capelains in the regional final that had beaten them in the Delbès challenge by a very small point. Yes, but since then, Bastien Thimothée’s teammates are not the same. They are now confident in their strength and determined. They no longer have to prove that the group consolidates a little more with each outing and that their legitimate ambition is this famous piece of wood. “We will face this match against Lacapelle as it should be. We’ve achieved great things this season with a good group with a lot of young players. Yes, but now Sunday is a final. And as everyone knows, of these matches, history only remembers the winners, “said coach Philippe Thimothée.

Stéphane Moulinier, the coach of the strikers, also praised his players: “As soon as these guys gain confidence, they manage to play well. The group has many qualities. We have not been spared injuries and Covid and this season has been difficult. We can’t and shouldn’t let go so close to the final goal, we’ll pay if we win the bouclard! »
So dear friends of the Roquentine lands, this land of which you are so proud, there can be no other way than to push your players on Sunday. The coveted Grail of the Oval Warriors has this price!

Team compositions

AS Capelaine:

Caron, Gilis, Setze, Bouyou, Cossu, Vila, Laffon, Gautier, Gouyou, Bataille, Martinet, Dastic, Marchoux, C. Noninck, Meytadier, Caminade, Malby, Roussel, Ferracin, Bousquet-Cassagne, Bonnifon, Cayssillé.

roquentin from the usa:

Martin, Guilvert, Garnier, Thimothée, Guy, Mardel, Cavaille, Massou, Bourjade, Mazet, Couturier, Legentil, Bassaisa, Richard, Piccirilli, Bot, Cazette, Mercadié, Delgado, Turon, Toupet, Remazeilles, Wagner, Hervoir, Mares, Arcaro.

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