Rugby. Arnaud Mignardi explains why he signs to Auch: “I was left with a taste of unfinished”

Born and raised in Auch, the international center-back decided to return to the RCA as a player. (© Facebook Anais RMR)

At 35 and after two years of training with Dax en National, Arnaud Mignardi has not finished his career as player. Born, formed and revealed a Auchthe three-quarter central decided to leave his retirement to return to play for his favorite club, just promoted to National 2.

Per Rugby news“The Bison,” as he is called, returned to the motives that led him to put on his crampons and prolong the pleasure.

“I had two fantastic years as a coach”

The story began in mini-chicks. At the age of 6, Arnaud Mignardi rehearses his ranges with the rest of the rugby school children enrolled in Auch. A white and red tunic that will not let go until his first minutes in the first team against Béziers (November 5, 2004) at the time of Top 16. Then it is incorporated Agen for two years (2006-2008), where he lived his first coat with theFrench team in June 2007 in front of All blacks. Then passes the sturdy three-quarter center Clermont, Biarritz then Brive, with whom he remained attached for almost a decade. Then he dedicates himself Montois Stadium before marching to the neighbor dacquois to train three-quarters there.

“I always knew the player’s side and now I know the coach’s side. I had two fantastic years, full of twists and turns where I had to adapt, plan, reorganize, break my brains, have discussions with the players and reflect on my way of seeing rugby, ”he explains. Mignardi despite two years without final stages for the match. city ​​spa club.

“Give back what the club gave me”

The Gersois never gave up their playing soul. During his two years as coach, Arnaud Mignardi continued to speak physically. “Physically it won’t be too hard to pick up. I trained with Dax, I often put myself in opposition, I did the technical and physical exercises. I never cut too much, I picked up bodybuilding, I ran.”

At the end of the contract, the former three-quarter center-back returns to his region and chooses to play for his training club again. A forceful choice, but above all a choice from the heart: “I did not hesitate to resume. I want to take my stone to the building, bring my grit but above all return what the club has given me ”. Despite a great adventure with Brive, a misunderstanding ended a nine-year relationship.

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Arnaud Mignardi coached Dax for two seasons.
Arnaud Mignardi coached Dax for two seasons. (© Facebook Cheyenne Biollet)

“I knew rugby wasn’t over”

The following year in Mont-de-Marsan, the health crisis stopped the season prematurely. In short, the Bison had two disappointing seasons. “Basically, my playing career wasn’t really over. I was left with an unfinished taste. I knew rugby wasn’t over. Even as a coach, I felt like something was missing, that a story wasn’t ‘it was over.

For this new challenge, Arnaud Mignardi wants to be in “transmission” and share all the high-level experience acquired over the years.

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