RUGBY. Arlettaz: ” We can’t keep training at a one-star campsite ”

Perpignan’s good victory at the expense of Mont-de-Marsan last Sunday did not satisfy its head coach Patrick Arlettaz. The latter, in a press conference, according to the newspaper L’Indépendant after the meeting, took the opportunity to sound the alarm, especially towards public institutions. He mentioned the club’s facilities, which he considered “obsolete”.

There are two or three lessons to learn tonight (this Sunday, editor’s note) “ : “You must never stop at your successes, so now that we have experienced this final access, we must do everything possible to never live it again. I think there is a message for the our institutions We all know our budget (17 million euros, editor. note), we don’t have much room. In players, selflessness, love for the club, selflessness, we can’t do much more When we see the Aimé-Giral stadium full the reception in Bordeaux (Sunday, June 5, victory 22-15, ed.), we can not do much more. However, we can not continue training in a one-star campsite, see a locker room dating from 1998, to have the Espoirs that are in a training center that is almost listed as an unhealthy building, it will not be able to continue, the players do not have to do everything, the public has to do everything, the president has to do what he can , and we should go down to Pro D2 because our installation didn’t help.

I do not ask to buy stars, increase the budget. I don’t dream, I’m not a dreamer. But you have to help us a little.[…] There is a responsibility for everyone. We need to help with that. Because we deserve it. Honestly. We accept to be poor but after a while it is enough! At some point we will no longer be able to pull the strings as we have done for five or six years.

A message to the mayor of the city Louis Alliot wanted to respond:

I understand the impatience of Patrick Arlettaz, whom I respect, but I think we need to remind everyone of the commitments of Perpignan City Council alongside the USAP. The City Council supports the USAP for 1.6 million euros, an increase of 400,000 euros this year. To this must be added a grant of 300,000 euros to the association. Let Mr. Arlettaz tell us what the departmental council’s commitments are?

Beyond the comments or controversies of politicians, the city of Perpignan, which has two first-class rugby clubs (USAP and the Catalans Dragons in rugby 13), is effectively in full funding of a club facilities of which they are nothing. level of teams like Racing, Clermont or Lyon, which benefit from modern training centers. And this, despite the good performances of the youth categories of the USAP (vice-champion of France Espoir in 2021, semifinalist this year).

So the Sang et Or coach asked “at least one or two training camps and a campusIt should be noted that Mathieu Acebes’ colleagues are currently spending most of their days in Algeco. A lunar situation compared to the one we know at a high level. reminds the newspaper L’Indépendant that a bridge between Les Esperances and the Une team is “urgent” to allow the appearance of a golden generation that arrives and knocks on the door. President François Rivière believes in France Blue that the club could “to finish in the Federal one if the Aimé-Giral stage was not reformedUSAP is urging political actors to take steps to stay in the Top 14 for the coming seasons.

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