RUGBY. 5 dramatic arbitrations that caused controversy

The life of a referee is not a long, calm river and every decision leads to reactions. In the international scene, theControversy continues to grow after Rugby’s complaint Australia against the refereeing of Mathieu Raynal during the meeting between the Wallabies and the Blacks (37-39)on September 15. The opportunity to remember the arbitration decisions that have generated controversy in recent years.

Without a doubt, one of the matches that made the legend of the XV of France. In a red-hot Cardiff Millenium, the French prepare to cross swords with blacks dressed in gray for the occasion. After a first half dominated by New Zealand(13-340th)France revolted and got back into the game. This match takes place on the tricolor field in 68, while the tricolors are leading (18-13)Frederic michalak pierce the opposing defense and send Jauzion to the promised land” how will describe it on the microphone Thierry Gilardi. An anthology action that puts France at the front (18-20) But which is still contaminated by a striker. In fact, before its advancement, michalak receives a pass from Damien Traille that is beautiful and well punished. On the French side, no controversial, however the decision of waynes Barnes it won’t happen to Blacks. A few years later, in his biography, New Zealand coach Graham Henry even mentioned: “a pass so forward that the whole stadium saw it except the referee”.

4. Scotland – Australia, TwickenhamOctober 18 2015

Again, this World Cup quarter-final will get a lot of ink flowing. We are in the 78th minute of the match, the EScottish direct 34-32 under the rain of Twickenhamand hold down well against the Wallabies. At the drop of a ball, the XV du Chardon confuses. Craig Joubert doesn’t doubt it: striker back in front, penalty for Australia. A gift from God for Bernard Foley that they don’t need to ask him to pass the three points and offer the semi-final to his family. A decision that will be debated. Looking closely at the action, we realize that after the lack of the hand of the Scottishan Australian touches the ball. Therefore, he puts his rival back into play, who recovers the swelling right after. From a crucial penalty, we go to a simple scrum. A situation that will be difficult to pass Greek Laidlaw and his companions. Especially because a few days later, world Rugby issues a press release opposing the South African referee’s decision: “The right decision would have been to award a favorable scrum to Australia.”

World Cup – Craig Joubert case: World Rugby clarifies the situation

3. New Zealand – Lions, Auckland, 8 July 2017

The British and Irish Lions tour is always a major event for rugby. It was the case in 2017 when the Lions packed their bags in New Zealand. Against the reigning world champions, they are fighting a fierce battle whose final victory will be decided during the third Test in Auckland after success on both sides. At the whistle of this meeting, the French referee Romain Poit. In a match with a padlock, the Blacks and the Lions they are back to back (15-15) two minutes from the end. The decisive moment since Liam Williams commits a striker to the reception ofa dismissal The ball escapes from the Welshman’s back and falls into the hands of his teammate. Trouble, Ken Owens is positioned in front of his number 15. roman Poit whistles a penalty He then changed his mind and gave New Zealand a scrum, following the intervention of their linesman Jérôme herons. A few minutes later, the two teams will be tied and the trophy will be shared. It was enough for the local newspapers to denounce a “French farce”.

VIDEO.  ALL BLACKS vs LIONS: Did Romain Poite make the right decision in the 78th minute?VIDEO. ALL BLACKS vs LIONS: Did Romain Poite make the right decision in the 78th minute?

2. Australia v New Zealand, Melbourne, 15 September 2022

This is the controversy of the moment. Mathieu Raynal penalizes Bernard Foley and gives a scrum in favor of the black car the Wallabies opener would have tried to save time. A decisive shuffle that will eventually send Black behind the line. results, defeat Australians on the gong (37-39). Since then, the pill has not passed and Rugby Australia even filed a complaint world Rugby, to denounce the arbitration decisions of Mr. Raynal. It remains to be seen what the outcome of this case will be. One thing is certain, resentment in Australia remains tenacious.

RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP.  Chronometer in hand Australia presents a complaint against the refereeing of Mathieu RaynalRUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP. Chronometer in hand Australia presents a complaint against the refereeing of Mathieu Raynal

1.New Zealand – France, Auckland, 23 October 2011

Firstly, inevitably one of the biggest traumas in French rugby. The final of the 2011 World Cup. After a more than correct course, Marc’s troops Lievremont they meet in the final in Auckland against the Blacks of McCawCarter… A dream poster that will go to the advantage of the host country who will end up winning 8 to 7 in a game with a padlock and oh what a controversy Precisely, after the meeting, Craig Joubert’s decisions will be questioned by the tricolor field. The fault of many delicate situations not sanctioned by the South African referee. One data seems equally equivocal. In the second half, France spent most of the time in the opposite field, but did not concede a penalty. And although many situations (offside, rucks…) would have justified a whistle from Mr. Joubert, it will not be and the French players will return empty-handed. Warm, Dimitri Szarzewski gives the background to his thinking: “When you’re a top athlete, you want it to be fair. Tonight we were 16 against 15. We knew that Joubert would not let anything happen after the game Australia-New Zealand. I was cooler with them”. More than a decade later, the wound remains open and Craig Joubert still has to haunt certain nights of tricolor rugby.

“Live my life by Craig Joubert” – Joël Judge’s debrief

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