Romaine Cannone and Ysaora Thibus, two opposite trajectories

The two French, world champions on Tuesday in Egypt took two different routes to reach the top.

World fencing champions in Cairo on Tuesday, fencing fencer Romain Cannone and foil fencing Ysaora Thibus took opposite trajectories before winning gold in the Egyptian capital.

Cannone: From the US to the Blues

Crowned Olympic fencing champion in Tokyo, 25-year-old Romain Cannone cultivated the art of fencing by immersing himself in foreign cultures, from Brazil to the United States, before joining in 2018. at INSEP, the French sports incubator. “If I had to describe myself in a few words, it would be these. I am a person who has lived in three different countries, mainly in the United States, where I was in high school and high school“, had explained the Olympic champion.

Romain Cannone began fencing with a Ukrainian mentor on the other side of the Atlantic when he was still in the United States. And he almost escaped from France, for when he was in the United States he had asked for the naturalization which at that time had been rejected.

Integrated into the senior French teams in 2019, he became the holder of the individual and team European Championships where he only competes individually in the 2019 World Cup in Budapest, giving way to Daniel Jérent. A fencer who replaced the Tokyo Olympics due to a positive doping test on dorzolamide, a diuretic and masking agent, in late November 2020, forcing the French Federation to remove Jérent from the list. Five weeks later, Cannone became the first sword shooter since Eric Srecki in 1992 in Barcelona, ​​becoming individual Olympic champion.

Thibus, reconstruction

For 31-year-old Ysaora Thibus, this first world title resonates singularly with the disappointment she experienced a year ago in Tokyo, where she lost in the second round of the individual tournament. Psychologically affected, the Guadalupe told AFP that she only resumed training four months after the competition. “I really didn’t want to hear about fencing anymore. I was psychologically exhausted after these Games. All the obstacles to being able to train in the last few months have created a kind of disgusthe confessed.

Continental bronze medal in 2013, winner of a world championship in 2015, and a steady progression in the world hierarchy: the career of Ysaora Thibus had followed a straight path until then since her senior debut.

His silver medal at the World Championships in China in the summer of 2018 had even validated his choice to go into exile in the United States with his teammate Race Imboden, former world No. 2 and winner of 7 World Cups. . “It is a real challenge, it is a cultural shock, you move away from your original structure, from your friends and family. It’s hard to adapt, they’re time-consuming things. There is also pressure from people who expect us to succeed immediately.“, he pointed out in 2019.

In the winter of 2018 he parted ways with his Ukrainian coach Sergei Golubitsky to get the services of the Italian Stefano Cerioni, responsible for the Russian foil between 2012 and 2016. The failure of Tokyo made Thibus look for ‘a new fencing master. , Giulio Tomassini, another illustrious Italian coach, with a view to Paris-2024. A fruitful collaboration, as evidenced by this world title in Cairo, and promising two years before the Paris Games, where Thibus aims to win his first Olympic title at 33 years old.

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