Ricciardo and the details of the final year of his contract at McLaren

August 9, 2022 at 09:25 by Marc Limacher

Daniel Ricciardo’s future at McLaren is dimming, to the point that his team would have more to gain by parting ways with him than continuing with him.

Eight-time Grand Prix winner, Daniel Ricciardo has been sinking for a few days. But the storm had been brewing for several weeks, because the Australian driver’s contract, for his final season in 2023, is a problem for the McLaren team. deciphered

great salary goal

The year 2018. Daniel Ricciardo is negotiating with Red Bull for 2019 and 2020. The financial fundamentals are high. At that time, Ricciardo touched 11 million euros, according to the Business Book GP and wants a salary of around 20 million euros. At the same time, the management of the Australian discusses with Renault F1 Team who accepts the conditions. At the time of the final exchange with Red Bull Racing, Ricciardo is asking for an increase of 5 million euros, for a total of 25 million. rejection A few weeks later, it is a base of 30 million that he will get for 2019 and 2020 from the Renault F1 Team. In fact: 20 million euros and a bonus of 10 million euros. A bonus indexed to the results of the World Constructors’ Championship, upon finishing 4thth. In 2019 and 2020, Renault F1 Team will finish 5thth. The deficit will be 20 million for the Australian pilot.

“Rosberg” inspiration for McLaren contract

The negotiations with McLaren, at the beginning of 2020 and signed at the end of spring for three seasons (2021, 2022 and 2023), were an evolution. The salary was halved the first two years and the bonus was reduced, but still indexed to the constructors’ world. The standard was different. McLaren finished 4thth in 2019, the bar rose to 3th space as a minimum. In detail, the salary was 10 million euros and the bonus 5 million euros (which he has not yet received).

It’s the third year. In this, Ricciardo’s management had envisioned a “Rosberg-type” contract where the final contractual season significantly increases his salary, and indicative of a new contract. This is how the 2016 world champion proceeded with his contracts with the Mercedes F1 Team. When in 2010 he signed with Mercedes for three years, the third year allowed the German pilot to have a salary of 10 million euros. It will be used to negotiate a contract extension. Either way, the driver wins. He can aspire to an extension and a contractually higher salary, for the last year or, in case of refusal to extend the adventure, a significant salary in the last year of the contract. At that match, Rosberg had secured 25 million for 2017 and 2018 and 35 million for 2019 from Mercedes, before announcing his retirement.

The lost hope of a contract extension for Ricciardo

For Ricciardo, after hoping for a contract extension after winning the Italian GP last year, the Australian’s management took refuge behind an expansion strategy from teammate Lando Norris. Which resembled, characteristic for characteristic, what Ferrari did with Charles Leclerc, against Sebastian Vettel. The message was heard by Ricciardo.

Keeping Ricciardo would cost McLaren more

So Ricciardo’s salary for 2023 at McLaren could be close to the standards he wanted at Red Bull at the time. Combined with Lando Norris’ new salary, McLaren would be equal to Red Bull and Mercedes in terms of annual training cost. A record But who doesn’t fit into the Woking bosses’ financial plan. Behind the scenes, the sum of compensation for Alpine for the Piastri case, the payment of 50% of his future salary to Ricciardo for compensation, plus Piastri’s salary, is valued at 19 million euros. Even less than what the Australian driver would cost McLaren in 2023 for the final year of his contract.

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