Review of ASM players: In the second line, Vahaamahina has taken on the role of leader

The young Australian (who is celebrating his 20th birthday on Wednesday) has spent a season on points, due to a serious ankle injury, his refusal to be vaccinated against Covid-19 and finally a knee injury. We can also add a lack of consistency, even seriousness. An obvious sporting potential that will quickly have to be exploited to the fullest.

Miles Amatosero’s season in figures:
Number of games played: 7
Game time in minutes: 263
Number of mandates: 2
Yellow card: 0
Red card: 0
Points scored: 0
His average (scored twice): 5 (writing); 5.20 (Internet users)

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Edward Annandale

The young New Zealander will have been lucky enough to live a term in a delicate context at the Stade Français. He is also perfectible and still needs to mature and harden in every way.

Edward Annandale’s season in numbers:
Number of games played: 5
Game time in minutes: 149
Term of office: 1
Yellow card: 0
Red card: 0
Points scored: 0
Your average (written down once): 3 (writing); 3.17 (Internet users)

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Paul Jedrasia

He can and should do better next season. His performances have all too often been unenthusiastic, even slow. He degraded the hierarchy in office. Jono Gibbes even left him on the bench in Castres. A signal. Like his performance during the lowering of the curtain against the MHR, however, he is able to lift the cursor and hide his limits in the game.

Paul Jedrasiak’s season in numbers:
Number of games played: 22
Game time in minutes: 1,073
Number of mandates: 13
Yellow card: 0
Red card: 0
Points scored: 5 (one attempt)
Its average (annotated 14 times): 5.21 (writing); 5.10 (Internet users)

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Thibaud Lanen

The previous season he had pointed the tip of his nose. He has confirmed this this year. Thibaud Lanen was one of the great individual satisfactions of this exercise. It is true that a shoulder injury earlier this year caused him to lose six games. But he managed to chain convincing performances compensating for his lack of power with great mobility and great activity in the game, so many qualities that allowed him to rise one level in the hierarchy.

Thibaud Lanen’s season in figures:
Number of games played: 18
Game time in minutes: 942
Number of mandates: 13
Yellow card: 0
Red card: 0
Points scored: 5 (one attempt)
His average (scored 12 times): 4.96 (writing); 4.88 (Internet users)

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Thomas Lavanini

This first season will leave a lot to be desired. The Puma did not have the expected contribution in terms of playing time due, first, to the national teams with Argentina, a sanction taken with his team after a red card against Ireland. No injuries have been saved on the second line either: a crack in his jaw and finally a problem in his inner ear contracted against the LOU, which has been misdiagnosed and which will have ruined him all season long.

Ten games in total. It’s too little. And it’s even more frustrating that when he started to orient himself and was able to chain games, he showed everything he was able to bring in terms of power, especially in scrums and ball gates.

Tomas Lavanini’s season in figures:
Number of games played: 10
Game time in minutes: 665
Number of mandates: 9
Yellow cards: 2
Red card: 0
Points scored: 10 (two attempts)
His average (scored 9 times): 5.44 (writing); 5.31 (Internet users)

Sebastien Vahaamahina

He was one of the leaders of the season. He took on the role of leader by chaining matches and also took on the role of captain ten times, especially at the end of the season when Arthur Iturria was “out”. Excessive use due to circumstances has probably earned him some legitimate discounts during the season. But in general, he was always up to the task and managed to act honestly, even when he was in trouble.

Sébastien Vahaamahina’s season in numbers:
Number of games played: 23
Game time in minutes: 1,641
Number of mandates: 22
Yellow card: 1
Red card: 0
Points scored: 0
Average (21 times recorded): 5.74 (writing); 5.55 (Internet users)

Didier Cros

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