Rémi Cavagna, not selected for the Tour de France, mentally blames the blow: “I need a little break”

You have not been selected by your team for the next Tour de France, which will start on Friday from Denmark. Your reaction?

I was in the pre-selection of 12 drivers, but I’m not really in the eight. Everyone is 100% ready to take part in the Tour and for sure there will be people who will be disappointed. My form was delayed a month and a half with my fracture of a vertebra (after a fall in December, while in Spain, to do internships with his team, editor’s note). But I felt that I was gaining momentum in the Tour of Norway and the Dauphiné, it was not far from my maximum level. I had a good French championship, on the clock (finished second, 24 seconds behind Bruno Armirail, editor’s note) and online racing (where was the first Quick-Step to attack, editor’s note). And in the end, it did not bear fruit …

Neither the Tour de France for Julian Alaphilippe, nor for Rémi Cavagna

“The Tour was supposed to be the backbone of my season”

It is a great disappointment …

Yes, because the Tour is the biggest race of the season and for a Frenchman it is important to be there. I only participated once (in 2020, editor’s note). Last year I had the tricolor t-shirt (after his victory in the “France” road race in Epinal, editor’s note), but I was leaving the Giro d’Italia. It was not in my plans. This year, the Tour was to be the backbone of my season. I am very disappointed not to be.

What will your July be like without the Tour de France?

In July, there is no race! It will be a blank month of competition. And it doesn’t suit me, because I need to run (to get in shape). We will have to redo a practice, in height. From July 10th I will be out again for two weeks of internships, when I had prepared well for the Tour, when I had chained internships. That is why I am disappointed.

We even feel a little depressed …

At the moment, I have no motivation. In a week, he will be back. But there I need a little rest, to breathe, to think of something else. Because this year is complicated and I was hoping to get back on the Tour.

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At the French road cycling championships in Cholet, Rémi Cavagna did a good race online, preparing for the victory of his teammate Florian Sénéchal. Pictures Pierrick Delobelle,

Is there no race before the Tour of Poland on July 30?

There is no Tour, but maybe the Vuelta (August 19 to September 11) in your program?

This might be a good plan for me. It is important to participate in a Grand Tour. It is even essential. I need three weeks of racing to grab “cash”. It cannot be replaced by training. They do not have the same quality. So I hope to be at the start of the Vuelta.

Rémi Cavagna vice-champion of France in the Cholet time trial

Another end-of-season goal?

Yes, the World Time Trials, which take place (in Wollongong, Autraslia), about ten days after the arrival of the Vuelta. This doesn’t leave too much time to prepare specifically for the time trial, but three weeks of running are great for fitness.

When do you expect to deliver a bib this summer?

It would be good to resume the Tour of Poland (July 30) and then continue with the European, which will take place on August 17, in a time trial. Knowing that the Vuelta begins on the 19th, the question of participating in the time trial, two days before, in Munich will be raised. Could this be possible? It will be hot, but I think there is a way to do both.

“No route adapted to my profile in time”

From the Tour of Poland, you have good memories!

I won a stage there, in a time trial (his last success with the professionals, August 14, 2021, editor’s note). There will still be a time trial, but this year I have not had any luck with the time trials. Because it’s a time trial with a final climb. Without wanting to apologize, I haven’t had a proper route to my profile so far this season (except for France, in Cholet, ed.). Distances of 15 to 20 miles, as I love them. But they were always too short or in the mountains.

The Quick-Step retained its title: Julian Alaphilippe sacrificed for Florian Sénéchal, new French champion

If you do the Vuelta, it will be with your friend Julian Alaphilippe …

He won’t do the Tour and that’s a disappointment for him, of course. The Vuelta could be a goal for him, as for me. We are in the same situation.

Collected by Raphaël Rochette

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