remarks in L’Équipe du soir about Bernard Tapie’s OM provoke an outcry

THE SEAT OF SPORTS – During a debate about the biggest French club, Grégory Schneider, a journalist for Liberation, pointed out the corruption that prevails at Olympique de Marseille under the Tapie presidency.

Invited on Thursday evening to the L’Équipe du soir program of the L’Équipe channel to comment on the name of the biggest club in France, Grégory Schneider caused a storm on social networks. The daily reporter release he felt that Olympique de Marseille could not claim to be named given the corruption cases that rocked the club during Bernard Tapie’s tenure as president. I can not admit to put the labelbiggest french club”for a club that did this in football, that poisoned rivals, that corrupted referees, rivals, that bought the Champions League. I can’t admit it“Said the journalist who took control of the host, stressing that no case had marred the victory in the C1 final against AC Milan in 1993.

I don’t care, I say! Do you need proof? You only have to read Eydelie’s book (former OM player convicted in the VA-OM corruption case, ed), it has not been discussed. Ask Emmanuel Petit what he thinks, Arsène Wenger what he thinks… I know I’m altering the mood but I’ll think about it until the end. I won’t say they bought it but in my eyes it has no value because it was that period“said the journalist before reminding the guests around the table:”No one is fooled here.»

The director of communication of the OM indignant

These statements caused supporters of the Marseille club to jump on social media, with some calling on Marseille leaders to sue the journalist for defamation, others demanding a boycott of L’Équipe showering Grégory Schneider with insults. On Friday morning, OM did not officially react to the journalist’s intervention, but Jacques Cardoze, the club’s communications director, found the insulting words on his Twitter account. “Dear Grégoy Schneider, your statements made this evening on L’Équipe channel are insulting to OM. When a journalist has no evidence, he presents the argument of inner conviction and lets the hatred and jealousy run rampant… Your poison is so visible. Also, I don’t see what this debate adds to the current context of our club? if not for wanting to hurt us again (or create buzz) OM, the biggest club in France. Sorry.»

The president of the regional council of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Renaud Muselier, former vice-president of OM between 1995 and 1997, also intervened to defend the club of which he is a supporter. “In this video, Grégory Schneider’s comments are insulting and undignified. All of this oozes contempt, hatred and an instinct to slander France’s greatest club and its history. #TeamOMNo offense… forever the firstHe explained the choice, referring to the only Champions League won by a French club so far.

Say, @RenaudMuselier, check out Bernès and Barin’s audition minutes or Eydelie’s book. You’ll see: it’s great Football is one of the most beautiful things in the world, the last thing that brings people together: what these guys did to it...”, replied the journalist on Friday morning.

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