Red and black take off thanks to Ntamack …

79th: La Rochelle who is offered one last TEST in counterattack with Botia and then Favre! We finished 33-28!

78th: TRY BOUGARIT FOR THE ROCHELLE! This helps to lighten the score. 33 to 21

76th : The Rochelais try a last position in the last minutes.

71st : Ramos is down after another great game. It is replaced by the phenomenon of rugby 7, Sword.

68th: NEW TEST IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII TOULOUSAIN !!!! Tolofua drills La Rochelle’s defense, Ntamack is in support and will flatten. 33-14 !!!

66th : An action that sums up this match. The Rochelais find no solution and end up conceding a penalty on their own 40m. Ramos is gone! 4 of 7 for him.

65th : Hit hard again! The game is rocker. Either Toulouse moves away, or La Rochelle returns completely to the scoreboard.

62nd: OOOOOOH THE INSPIRATION OF BOUQUETS !!! Small kick from the back for his side Malia and ESSAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! Ramos misses the target, 26-14.

60th : Go for the second beer of the night for us with the water break! It’s still 27 degrees.

55th: THE BULDOZZER ALLDRITT !!! The number 8 of the XV of France is usually inscribed the second ESSAIIIIIIIIIIIII PER LA ROCHELLE !!! The West is being transformed. Everything restarts. 21-14

54th : 5m scrum to come for the yellows and blacks … Maybe the action that can revive them

52nd : Dulin brings his teammates back to 22m. But for now, the Maritimes are finding no solution.

49th : How messy this second act is! Advances, bad choices … Toulouse is quietly managing its leadership. 21-7

46th : Danty enters the game in place of Sinzelle. O’Gara tries to get new blood to react.

45th : Great fight at the beginning of the second. The Maritimes return to the 22m of Toulouse.

43rd : Haddad makes a forward in a good attack from La Rochelle at 22 m.

41st : West begins the second half!

40th: The end of the Languedoc Toulouse, Lebel, comes into contact. It’s HALF TIME !!!

37th : The people of Rochelle can’t find a solution. The defense of Toulouse is in place and they do not have the magician Dupont …

34th : Three more points for the Stadium! Ramos is 4 out of 5! 21-7, new difference between the two teams.

32nd : Another monstrous sequence from Toulouse with Dupont maneuvering, they get to die on the line. But Poite returns to a penalty …

30th : No problem for Ramos. It gives Toulouse an 11-point lead. 18-7

28th : Dupont sets us on fire again! Toulouse retreats 50 meters and gets a penalty.

26: ESSAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII EN VIGOR DE LA ROCHELLE !! Liebenberg crosses the line after several flat loads. West passes the transformer … 15-7

25th : The Rochelais return to 5m with a penalty.

22nd : It starts again with the same rhythm, Ntamack tries a drop but loses completely. Toulouse has mastered the subject perfectly for the time being.

20th : It’s time for a break! Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!

18th : Alas, Cros’s wound! He has already been replaced by Flament at the Stade Tolousain.

16th : New penalty awarded by the Maritimes in a maul! Ramos will try it … Come on! 15 to 0!

14th : La Rochelle needs to recover quickly. The west finds a good touch of office.

11th : Ramos misses her this time. 12-0 for Toulouse.

10th: But no Dupont what are you doing to us !!!!! It will mark a second attempt at a corner … VIDEO? PROOF IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !!! BUT WHAT AN INCREDIBLE PLAYER !!!

8th : Bouquets is transformed. 7-0 Toulouse.

7th: DUPOOOOOOOOOOOOOONT THE MAGICIAN !!!! Exceptional advance of the best player in the world! Fouyssac grabs behind and ESSAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !!!

5th : West connects with a direct kick with the back foot. The New Zealander will have to wake up.

4th: West will take it … And get lost! However, it was in front of the poles at 35 meters.

3r : Dupont misses the first ball, La Rochelle advances. Scrum at Toulouse 40m. And criminal for the Maritime …

2n : Chief Greg Alldritt sounds the first charge for the Rochelais. Bergeon frees on his feet.


8:55 p.m. : Great afternoon atmosphere at Ernest Wallon, smells like diving as Urios would say! Bring the players!

8.50 pm: The very experienced Romain Poite will referee this meeting.

8.40pm: To make you wait a little 20 minutes before you start! In fact, Toulouse and La Rochelle are beginning to have a common history …

8:30 p.m. : And that of Stade Rochelais

8:20 p.m. : Here is the composition of the Stade Tolousain for this clash

20:10: We are already there … And we are already very hot !!!!

Still 32 degrees early in the evening. It will inevitably play into organizations even if there is a small drop with the arrival of night.

Hello familyeeeeeeee!

See you this Saturday evening (9pm) for the start of the final phase of the Top 14! It’s time for the truth for our French rugby players. And we start with a kind of dessert as a starter with a promising match between the last two European champions and finalists of last season’s championship, Stade Tolousain and La Rochelle. A real shock! But the context is a bit different for both teams, Antoine Dupont’s teammates are expected at the end of the season while for Grégory Alldritt, it’s just a bonus after the Champions Cup title.

See you at 8pm to warm up before the start.

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