profile, schedules, forecast and places to see of the 5th stage

Everything you need to know about the race and its side effects with the fifth stage, much feared by the peloton with the crossing of cobbled sections between Lille and Arenberg Porte du Hainaut.

Special envoy to Lille

Stage profile: Lille-Arenberg Porte du Hainaut (153.7 km)

The stage of all the dangers of the first week, the one that makes the legs of the peloton tremble, even that of the favorites, in the North. Don’t be fooled by its flat profile with no hills, with only one sprint planted 34 km after the start: the program’s eleven cobblestone sectors (four of which are commonly used in Paris-Roubaix) of more than 19.4 km will make the day. extremely dangerous and tense, with a high risk of falling for riders competing for the overall classification. Tadej Pogacar will certainly not win the Tour de France this Wednesday, but he could lose it all if, unfortunately, he suffers a mechanical failure or is the victim of a puncture. Half of the platoon is not used to the cobblestones, which will help to tighten the atmosphere a little more. More so, perhaps than during a Paris-Roubaix that concentrates, on the contrary, a huge proportion of runners accustomed to cobblestones.

Gate from Lille-Arenberg to Hainaut (153.7 km) ASO


The actual start is set at 13:35 and the estimated arrival at 17:34 with an average speed of 42 km / h.

The forecast for … Luc Leblanc (1994 World Road Cycling Champion)

“This year we said every time things would happen before the stages and in the end nothing happened, except in the final on Tuesday … But with twenty-two cobblestone terminals on the program, it’s enough to move a little lines. A winner? I don’t know but above all I see great risks of losing everything for certain favorites or outsiders who play in the general. Tadej Pogacar has rarely ridden on the cobblestones and this will rub very close to the front of the peloton. The sprint teams will want to put themselves in front, like the formations of the favorites who will want to protect their leader in front. I see the Quick-Step computer is messing up. I would bet on them again. They are making an excellent start to the Tour ”.

You can’t miss the course:

We have yet to present Lille, a scenic city of the 19the time of its history, with its magnificent Grand’Place, the crossroads of the great fairs between North and South, also called Place du Général de Gaulle, or the essential Palais des Beaux-Arts, municipal museum of art and Antiquity created in 1792. A You will also have to stop at the Arenberg pit mine, an old coal mine in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais mining area, located in Wallers, declared a World Heritage Site. Humanity by UNESCO, a few kilometers before arrival.

La Grand’Place de Lille. DR

The specialty for brushing your teeth:

If you’re in Lille, why not be tempted by a bit of flamenco carbonate, not necessarily in the middle of summer when it’s very hot, but effective in quenching a great appetite: beef that has been cooked over low heat for a long time. beer. It can be served with a good dauphinois au gratin. For dessert, the most greedy will be tempted with the Pavé d’Enfer, a cake with orange jam, a must this Wednesday given the menu of the day between Lille and Arenberg Porte du Hainaut.

The expression of the day: “Uncover all the piles of manure”

It is used when a runner shoots at all costs attacking as fast as he can, without a very specific plan. In the countryside, manure was common on the roads in the early twentieth century.

Ex: “Make sure you stop uncovering all the piles of manure. I’m tired of not following any instructions! »

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