profile, schedules, forecast and places to see from the 7th stage

Everything you need to know about the race and its side effects with the seventh stage of the Tour de France, between Tomblaine and the Super Planche des Belles Filles, the scene of a first explanation at the top.

Special envoy to Longwy

Stage profile: Tomblaine – Super Planche des Belles Filles (176.3 km)

The Vosges massif rises along the platoon route with, as a dessert stage, the spectacular ascent to the Super Planche des Belles Filles and a peak at 1148 m. Before fighting with a climb classified in first category, the riders will have swallowed 166.6 kilometers without great remarkable difficulties if we leave aside the two climbs of the third category, the Col de la Grosse Pierre (3.1 km to 6.4 %) and the Coll de la Creu (3.2 km to 6.3%). Two snacks that will serve as a warm-up before an explanation expected among the favorites in the general classification on the climb to the Vosges ski resort: 7 km at 8.7% on average with a formidable last part, on a half tar, half earth and its terrible passage to 24%. The stage will probably not create large spaces on arrival among the aspirants for the final victory in Paris, but we should see a little more clearly the actual forces present before attacking the Alps calmly.


The actual start is set at 13:15 and the estimated arrival at 17:29 with an average speed of 42 km / h.

The forecast

Thibaut Pinot has made this stage of the Tour de France 2022 one of his priority goals. The Groupama rider knows this hard and very irregular climb down to the smallest detail. This is where he made his first tracks when he was a teenager and usually goes back to training, cycling or cross-country skiing. The profile of the last difficulty corresponds well to his qualities as a climber. ” This climb is so uneven that it hurts a lot. In the end, as an average percentage, we do not have even 9% in the whole climb, this does not represent much in 6 km but it is where we see that it does not mean much because there is a lot. flat terrain, this is what makes this climb so difficult. It is a very fast climb, it is often the first goal of the Tour. Two years ago it was a getaway that goes even, but otherwise all future Tour winners can win here. It is important to see where we are “, confided to Figaro the Frenchman who checked the date of July 8 in his diary for very long weeks.

You can’t miss the course:

In Tomblaine, the caravan of the Tour de France will come out under the protective gaze of a giraffe, a monumental sculpture by the artist Jean-No and a great curiosity of the Place des Arts. Lovers of contemporary architecture will take the time to take a break on the hill of Notre-Dame du Haut, where stands a chapel of Le Corbusier, a building listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The chapel of Notre-Dame du Haut. DR

The specialty for brushing your teeth:

Enjoy a good comtoise pot, but only if you are very hungry, to be able to devour this dish made with sausages, smoked Haut Doubs, Montbéliard sausage, Morteau sausage and bacon. Otherwise, go with your eyes closed to the Cancoillotte, a Franche-Comté cheese specialty, to enjoy with a good slice of bread or accompanied by charcuterie.

The expression of the day: “Climb like an iron”

Said of a runner who has a lot of difficulty climbing mountains. Unfortunately, he often refers to sprinters with this unfavorable expression that compares them to a heavy, inert object on the slope.

Ex: “It goes up like an iron, it will end the day in the broom cart”.

The mythical ascents of the Tour de France

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