ProD2: The countdown is underway for SA XV

HASthe day after a first contact dedicated mainly to traditional medical tests on Monday, has been the real recovery this Tuesday morning under the sun in the courtyard of Castillon for the fifty or so SA XV players present. And if some recruits are still missing, waiting to arrive or about to sign up, a fortnight of hopeful players were present. And not just to count.

1. A two-step preparation

SA XV is gone “For three weeks of work focused 80-90% on the physique but with a bit of rugby. We are starting to launch the offensive system, some skills “explains manager Vincent Etcheto for whom “It will go fast. So I want us to be close to rugby right away. Last year there were shortcomings even though we went up.”

After a week of vacation in late July, SA XV “It will continue with two friendlies in August. Agen, Friday 5, and Colomiers, Thursday 18 ”. They will be interspersed with internships at La Teste-de-Buch.

Two meetings in Chanzy that Angoumoisin’s manager will not want “It simply came to our notice then. It’s all about seeing the players and, above all, validating what we want to set in motion ”. But also to judge “Behaviors, because we know we have to be prepared immediately on the cursor of aggression and combat. This Pro D2, even if there is talent, is played a lot in this sector. »

Then it will be time to look forward to the first day of the championship on Friday 26 August. The schedule will be known on Thursday.

2. A reorganized staff

On Tuesday, Vincent Etcheto was in the lead, accompanied by his assistant in charge of strikers Tanguy Kerdrain as well as his two field “advisers” and young retirees: Younès El Jaï for scrum and Guillaume Laforgue for three quarters.

The latter will also intervene hopefully alongside Benjamin Abbadie after the departure of Nicolas Cabannes. “I’m very happy, but also a little worried,” he smiled as he spoke of this new challenge.

Next to him, two newcomers: Alexandre Vie, performance manager, and Mathis Ducap, fitness trainer. The first, 33, arrives from Rouen and is succeeded by Pierre Sagot, who left for Grenoble. The second, aged 26, arrives from Mont-de-Marsan to replace Léandre Boussiron, now at the UBJ.

“It’s a good thing to renew a staff, welcomes Vincent Etcheto. The good thing is that when we got in touch (note. With Alexandre Vie), we talked about rugby. Of course, preparation, but in the way he wanted us to work with the players to prepare them for the rugby we would like to launch. We accepted very quickly and now he has carte blanche because I fully trust him. It will prepare me players for that. »

3. “Wanted” recruitment.

So far, SA XV has formalized the hiring of eight players (see box), while expanding Mathis Lafon and Hubert Texier, who arrived in the spring, but also Ole Avei and Lucas Rubio. Waiting for Robin Copeland to imitate them.

Pending, above all, the validation of the returns to the club of Kevin Le Guen and Yassin Boutemmani at the end of the contract with Racing 92 and Montauban who had ceded the right pillar to SA XV last April. And, of course, the second line of business, the real number 5, which is still missing from the package. a matter of days.

“It’s a deliberate hiring, supports Vincent Etcheto. Although at the last minute we went up, we had anticipated and at least built a very good national team, thinking that the players we were recruiting had the level to play Pro D2. »

“Then we tried with two or three touches to improve, gain experience and youth, with players on loan from the Top 14 or returning from the Top 14, he continues. And most of all, we expanded the group. We are almost fifty in training and we also benefit from the best recruitment that are the young people of the training center, champions of France. This morning they have been 14 with us. »

Three have signed their first professional contract: striker Seydou Diakité, third Antoine Naud and winger Jules Dubecq.

The 2022 staff

Straight pillars (5). Kumbirai, Boutemmani (Montauban?), Augeix (Agen hope), Diakité, Pienaar.
Left pillars (3 or 4?). Odishvili, Vartan, El Ansari, R. Ayarza (?)
prostitutes (3). Le Guen (Racing 92?), Bidart, Av ..
Second lines (6). Roux, Nabou, Pesvianidze, Beukeboom (US Bressane), Kitwanga (UBB) + 1 recruit.
Third lines (8). Tskhadadze, Gibouin, Texier, Va’aï, Burgaud, Jarmouni (Aubenas), Naud, Copeland (?)
body to body (3). Saubusse, Beau (Provence), Rubio.
Opening (3). Ugalde, Tugayé, Botica (Rennes).
Centers (4). Mau, I. Ayarza, Lafon, Naqiri.
Extremes (5). Lestremau, Raivono, M. Laforgue, Dubecq, Le Gall (Pau).
Back (2). Lafitte, Brosset (Biarritz).
Departures. Sutiashvili (retired), Pehau (Albi), Fontaine (Albi), G. Laforgue (retired), Talebula (Aubenas), Farrance, Zebongo, Alexis.

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