Preparation for the 2022-23 season: how is Ligue 1 preparing for the Qatar World Cup and Boxing Day?

World Cup in the middle of autumn, advanced winter break, Boxing-Day, last L1 match on June 3 and four relegations to L2: this 2022/23 season will not be like any other. “With this new setup, we have zero experience“, confides Gérald Baticle, coach of Angers SCO. Although all the elite clubs have already resumed the path of training, the physical trainers will have to innovate.
For me, I liked to make a great preparation to gradually increase in power. There, no doubt, it will take less intensity for the players to have gas right away to absolutely win the first few games.deciphers Jean-Marc Branger, former physical coach of Caen and Dijon, who this summer has participated in UNFP internships. Maybe the clubs will work less the land and integrate the intermittent work quickly enough to get into friendlies quickly in order to be in the party’s efforts.. “”At the start of the championship, it is often the best team physically that can make a difference“, Also emphasizes the Monegasque Axel Disasi, who resumed on June 18 for the 3rd test of the C1.

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Will the famous summer physical preparation, so feared by some players, be less difficult this year? One thing is certain: the clubs had to rely, even more than usual, on the seriousness of the players during the June break. “Often the players who suffer in preparation are the ones who are not preparedremembers Jean-Marc Branger. Those who have an impeccable lifestyle during the holidays, who follow the basic programs of the physical trainer, suffer less and are less likely to suffer injuries than those who are 3 or 4 kilos overweight. This data will be essential because it will save time in preparation. ”

The new setup for the season may also push some clubs to complete their recruitment more quickly. “This question of the new season, we ask ourselves from the day we stayed. The idea is to get well on the first day. We always try to be prepared for the first game, but that is very important. The ideal is to have your group formed as soon as possible to work on the automation, confidence and balance of the team.“says the Angers SCO coach, who has already completed seven arrivals (Yahia Fofana, Amine Salama, Himad Abdelli, Miha Blazic, Ulrick Eneme-Ella, Adrien Hunou and Halid Sabanovic).

At a press conference on Tuesday, Pablo Longoria went in the same direction. “This season is special with the month of November. Change the plan. From August 7 to November 2 there will be many matches. That is why it will be important to have different profiles. We will play every three days“he said during Igor Tudor’s presentation.

How to manage a 44-day winter break?

On November 13, on the evening of the fifteenth day of Ligue 1, the internationals will leave for Qatar to play the World Cup with their national team (from November 21 to December 18). The others will begin a 44-day winter break. “In Angers we should opt for a two week holiday in November. Because ? Because the players need it right now to have freshness to continue in the second long part of the seasonannounces Gerald Baticle. Two weeks of vacation, it doesn’t take a long break and doesn’t require redoing a very long preparation behind. ”

A program also imagined by Jean-Marc Branger, who would welcome internships abroad before the resumption scheduled for December 28th. “The ideal would be to go to Spain or Morocco because this would end well in the last six months. Earlier, the 10-day Christmas break was not long enough for the players, who had to continue from the first weekend in January. Finally, today’s programming may be better“, analyzes.

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Don’t pull too hard on the rope because players run the risk of injury

What about international players? Again, the clubs will have to adjust between those who will return home after the first round (December 2) and the players who will go to the World Cup final knowing that the round of 16 of the Champions League is scheduled for in mid-February. . Let’s take the example of Kylian Mbappé who, in the event of a coronation with the Blues, is supposed to resume in Ligue 1 a week after the end of the Qatar tournament.

If he rests in January and does progressive preparation, he could be ready for C1imagine the former Dijon fitness trainer. PSG can do without him for two or three games and continue to win in L1. The ideal would be to double the positions but not all clubs have the means to do so. In any case, don’t pull too much on the rope because players risk getting injured. Don’t forget that they are human beings.. ” This season, some will surpass the famous 60-game milestone. For L1 clubs, and in particular those qualifying for the European Cup, the puzzle has already begun.

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