Peugeot e-208 at € 150 a month without contribution: where is the confusion?

The electric version of the Peugeot 208 already accounted for almost 20% of the lioness’s registrations last year. Sign, finally, that the sauce was taken to Peugeot and with a city car of 136 hp and equipped with a 50 kWh battery. But to further increase sales and reduce annual CO2 averages more quickly, Stellantis today launches a program called “Electric As You Go”.. Available for three models at the start (Peugeot e-208, Opel Corsa and Opel Mokka e), it is a lease developed by the company’s e-Mobility office, together with PSA Banque and Opel Bank, the respective financing agencies of this long-term lease in the tempting role. But is it really?

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So you read correctly: since yesterday, the French network Peugeot offers the e-208 at € 150 per month, without contribution.. The only limitation is to do “at least” 500 km a month. Better yet, the French brand “offers” an extra € 500! But to get to such an amount, you guessed it, you have to combine the aids. Initially, the contribution is € 10,500. An obviously colossal envelope, but reduced to € 4,500 thanks to the CO2 bonus of € 6,000. The vehicle will still need to be received fairly quickly, as the bonus is calculated at the time of check-in which is often done on delivery. However, the aid of 6,000 euros has been extended until 31 December. but make sure your Peugeot dealer can deliver an e-208 to you before the end of the year.

The contribution is huge, but rents are low. The help reduces the first rent. Recharging is not very expensive in a domestic outlet.© Alex Krassovsky

The remaining € 4,500 is offset by the conversion bonus, mandatory to take advantage of this rental offer in the form of long-term rental. Clearly, if you don’t have a gasoline (before 2006) or diesel (before 2011) vehicle to buy, go your own way. There are currently two different premiums: € 5,000 for reference tax revenue of less than € 13,489 and € 2,500 for anyone with a higher RFR.

If you have done the calculation correctly, you have the following result: € 10,500 – € 6,000 (bonus) – € 5,000 (conversion bonus) = € 500 Peugeot “gift”, and without ‘carrying’. Obviously, if you are too “rich” to take advantage of the maximum conversion bonus, you will have to pay € 2,000 of initial contribution.

How much will the Peugeot e-208 cost you?

Monthly payments are explained as follows. The basis of the lease is € 110 per month, to which must be added a cost per kilometer of € 0.07. Obviously, for 500 km per month (the minimum to be covered, we remind you), you reach this famous monthly fee of 150 €, not counting the price of the recharge (about 8 € in an e-208, in a domestic outlet entirely) . hours). The e-208’s remote connectivity allows the brand to cover you based on your monthly mileage. Based on 15,000 km per year, a value close to the French average, the e-208 will cost you € 200 a month. However, this LLD only lasts for 24 months … but in the end it is more interesting than the current classic LLD offers on the e-208 (290 € / month, 40,000 km, 49 months, no contribution). Finally, you will have to scrap a car to leave with a lease of just two years, with nothing in the end as you have no option to buy. This is perhaps the most annoying.

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