OPINION – Why so relentless about Romain Ntamack, exactly?

In fact, the idea of ​​this newspaper came to us before the controversy: on Friday evening at around 22:45, when Romain Ntamack, quite upset and frustrated, returned prematurely to the locker room, we heard the commotion he was approaching. We told ourselves, hoping we were wrong, that such an epidermal attitude should wake up social media, usually more animated to spit out harmful poison than to turn its tongue 7 times in the mouth before posting. And the result? Bingo, unfortunately!

RUGBY. Returning to the locker room, Romain Ntamack surprised the fansFollowing the images broadcast by Canal Plus, the increase in viewers and observers continued. There, we couldn’t bear to see the NTK “hero” having a human reaction, simply. Here, the opening act of the XV of France was much criticized for having immediately left the grass at the final whistle, then for having isolated himself in the bowels of the Allianz Riviera to grab his head in his hands and evacuate his condemnation. But we wondered why only 1 second? As our colleague Nicolas Zanardi from Midol recalled, we are still talking about a substitute boy during the 2019 final and out of the group in 2021 for a concussion. Also of a young adult who probably preferred to isolate himself rather than talk warmly.

VIDEO SUMMARY.  Top 14. Full of control, Castres made the perfect match to allow ToulouseVIDEO SUMMARY. Top 14. Full of control, Castres made the perfect match to allow Toulouse

But of course, all the vipers of the afternoon swept it away … And then Romain Ntamack, headliner of this new generation called “millennials,” isn’t he too? (now) recognized by all as an immense champion? And isn’t it also the mark of the latter to have only defeat as an executioner, and to hate it to such an extent that ordinary mortals cannot imagine? When you grew up in one of the largest families in French rugby since the game became professional; that you took your first steps on the Ernest-Wallon lawn and that there was no breast milk but the culture of winning on your bottles, it’s hard to be otherwise. Is it a crime? We don’t believe it, frankly.

VIDEO.  Top 14. Ntamack responds to Arata's deception with a cane test!VIDEO. Top 14. Ntamack responds to Arata’s deception with a cane test!

Especially sinceThis reaction of a bruised player, we have all experienced, from the Series to the Top 14 through the Federal. This cry of the heart, anyone who has ever stepped on a rugby field or has approached it quite closely can understand it. But not the judges on social media. Qwhat do you want us to tell you That these keyboard kings don’t seem visibly tied to the idea of ​​trying to come up with constructive ideas? You probably already know …

TOP 14. Castres.  Santiago Arata, the man who eclipsed the best player in the worldTOP 14. Castres. Santiago Arata, the man who eclipsed the best player in the world

However, what the live did not say, nor the RS, is that apart from the broadcast images there was a sequel. And I’m sorry to disappoint you, but no, Romain Ntamack wasn’t silent, terrified and grumpy all night as has been said here and there. Once the atmosphere had calmed down a bit and the nerves had cooled down a bit, the thoroughbred returned to the meadow, not only to shake hands with his opponents in the evening but also to greet the stadium fans who they had made the journey. What, Wouldn’t Romain Ntamack be just an angry, self-centered kid? Well no. Simply a high level athlete with the pride of an exacerbated competitor. Who, as his friend Antoine Dupont said, probably learned a lot this evening from the lost semifinal …

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