“No warranty” Silverstone will fit Mercedes

George Russell believes that the design of Silverstone, the setting for the next round of the F1 World Championship, should fit a little more into the Mercedes W13, but the Briton insists there is no guarantee.

Since the start of the season, Mercedes has had more difficulty understanding her car plagued by the porpoise phenomenon, although in the last race in Canada, Lewis Hamilton took third place while his teammate teammate George Russell managed to finish fourth. , his ninth top five since the beginning of the year. Asked if he thinks Mercedes has solved his problems now and if the team is preparing to reach Silverstone with more confidence, Russell replied: “I would like to think that nature at high speed [de Silverstone] it should suit us better, but there is no guarantee. » believes George Russell.

“On every track we followed, we were a bit in the unknown. We face different problems with each race we go into. So I’d like to think we’ll be more competitive. [à Silverstone], but I don’t know. »

“We solve a problem and then we fall into another trap. The porpoise has settled, but we drive the car close to the ground and hit it aggressively. So there doesn’t seem to be any sweet spots right now. We ran high, we ran low, but the performance did not improve or decrease and the stiffness or flat bottom did not change surprisingly. »

Russell has achieved three podiums in his first season as a full-time Mercedes driver, finishing no worse than fifth in all races of 2022 so far, and currently leads Lewis Hamilton by 34 points in the Drivers ’Championship. When asked to evaluate his 2022 season so far, Russell believes there is room for improvement, but quickly turned his focus to Hamilton, revealing that he was inspired to see his teammate work behind the scenes.

“Personally, I don’t think it was a bad start to the season. There is definitely room for improvement in some areas and I think it’s clear that it’s a really privileged position to be a teammate with Lewis and learn a lot from him – how he works, how he handles his business with his engineers, how it keeps the whole team motivated. »

“Technically it’s also pretty impressive, which a lot of people probably won’t recognize or appreciate. There’s definitely room for improvement, but I think the results have gone well. I don’t think we could have gotten much higher results if I look at the “Reasonably apart from Bahrain, we probably finished as high as we could in all the races.”

“You have to look at the positive and you have to look at things in a rational way. And we can’t be disappointed not to have won a race this season with the package we had. And we are in this development phase and I think it has been optimized quite well. As a team, I think we did a great job of maximizing the points we had. So you have to take it as a positive and try to keep it. And hopefully when we have a faster car we will be in good shape to fight for those victories. »

At Silverstone, the Mercedes team will look to maintain its record with eight wins in the last ten appearances at the British Grand Prix.

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