New Peugeot 408: Will the Lion Save the Sedan?

Located at the intersection of the sedan and the SUV, the new Peugeot 408 was introduced by the Lion. We comment on its positioning, its prices and our first impressions of this unique model.

Peugeot has unveiled its new 408. This unique model fits between the “classic” sedans and the very popular SUVs.

=> Everything you need to know about the Peugeot 408 + photo and video

  • What is the position of this novelty?
  • Why is Peugeot growing in this radical format?
  • What will be the engines available ?
  • When will this vehicle be released?
  • What will be his price ?
  • Do we have to believe in the success of the high sedan market?

So many questions we address in this Auto Moto podcast episode

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Presentation: Andy David // Jingles: Laurent Sequaris // Sound recording: Zakaria Hamham

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