New in Mercedes: stop or come back?

At Silverstone, Mercedes did not take half measures. The German team has brought many changes to Britain, with the aim of getting closer to Ferrari and Red Bull. A new package to fix W13 defects since the beginning of the year. This is the second time the Silver Arrows have presented a major update this season, after Barcelona.

But the pace of development of the world champion team could be cut in the coming races. With the application of the budget limit, there is vagueness regarding the timing of new developments in Mercedes, as explained by the team’s technical director, Mike Elliott. “The budget limit is a real challenge for everyone. We have to look at what we can afford to do for the rest of the season. ” admits the British engineer.

A new philosophy in Mercedes with the “budget cap”

With already two major changes in less than 10 Grand Prix, Mercedes is putting the package in the development of its car. The German team risks reaching the budget ceiling faster than expected, although it says it wants to take the time to understand the problems of the W13.

A radical change of philosophy with respect to the 2021 season according to Elliott. ” Before, in a normal year, we focused on maximizing the current year and at the same time we thought about the following year. Today, we must first understand everything because we need to know exactly what we will do next year, explains the technical director of Mercedes. We will definitely try a little experimentation during the season, to make sure we are going in the right direction with next year’s car development. »

Star brand engineers are still in the dark as to the development schedule for the end of the season, according to Mike Elliott. “Then, whether it will be a great evolution or not, will depend on what we find as a solution and what we can afford. »

A later development of the 2023 car

Asked about the development of the next Mercedes, the 2023 season, Elliott admits that its design has only recently begun. “Like all the other teams, we have just started [le développement de la voiture 2023]. We are looking at what we want to do. We must first focus on basic architecture. Aerodynamic details will come later. »

The Brackley team wants to wait to see the results of the arrival of new developments at Silverstone. If these new features work, engineers will have a first clue to follow. “Today’s questions are,‘ Are we on the right track? “Should we pursue the development of such and such a thing?” “We have to make sure we understand exactly how the car works, to get what we want to achieve, to have a correlation with the track. That’s the most important thing.”

After the rating altered by the rain, it’s hard to give a real opinion on Mercedes ’pace on a lap. But Hamilton and Russell’s performances in the dry track training sessions can give reason for hope. Lewis Hamilton will finish 5th in the British Grand Prix, George Russell will finish 8th. The German team is aiming for a podium in the land of its two drivers.

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