New Garmin Edge Explore 2 and HRM Pro Plus belt

Garmin has recently unveiled its new Power Pack Edge Explore 2 and Edge Explore 2 with electrically supported, easy-to-use GPS bike computers to guide cyclists on their upcoming adventures.

The US brand is also launching a new premium heart rate monitor belt that now allows you to receive data on pace and distance as you continue to transmit, in real time, heart rate data, race dynamics and many other configurations.

This cardio belt will be of particular interest to triathletes. For its part, the Edge Explore 2 allows continuous charging of the device thanks to the battery of the electric bike.

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Edge Explore Series 2

With a battery life of 16 hours in heavy use and 24 hours in power saving mode, the Edge Explore 2 series comes pre-loaded with intuitive, high-contrast Garmin cycling maps for users to see. most popular roads and trails, high-traffic areas and sought-after points of interest, all from a 3-inch color touch screen for easy visibility.

This new series of GPS meters benefits from access to different multi-GNSS satellite systems to accurately locate even the steepest valleys. It also contains the ABC sensor series which includes an altimeter, a barometer and an electronic compass.

Finally, the new powered support included in the Edge Explore 2 Power package allows continuous charging of the device thanks to the battery of the electric bike.

EBike compatibility

When using an Edge Explore 2 with their eBike2, cyclists are constantly informed of the battery charge level and the assistance level of their electric bike. The new Edge-powered bracket, included in the Edge Explore 2 Power package, offers the ability to permanently recharge the meter3 thanks to the compatible EBike battery (requires a specific cable depending on the engine model).

Maps, directions and more

Regardless of the type of adventure, the Edge Explore 2 series helps you stay up to date with:

  • Preloaded activity profiles, including road, mountain and indoor cycling.
  • Easy-to-read maps that use Trendline Popularity Routing, based on billions of miles traveled by other Garmin users. Motorists can also see popular roads and trails, high-traffic areas and points of interest directly from their Edge.
  • Creating routes using the Garmin Connect, Strava or Komoot app with fast Edge sync.
  • Step-by-step navigation alerts, pointing to the most dangerous ones directly from the screen.
  • The ability to stop navigation functions to exit the initial route. Navigation can be reactivated at any time to return to the planned route, return to the starting point, or calculate a new route to reach the finish line.
  • The ClimbPro that automatically displays elevation and distance to the next peak and allows users to access their performance data directly from the device or through the Garmin Connect app.

Security and monitoring

With integrated safety and monitoring features, the Edge Explore 2 series offers pilots peace of mind on their excursions. Thanks to the GroupTrack function, via a compatible smartphone, cyclists can communicate with each other by message and know the position of each member of the group directly from the screen of their Edge. In addition, if an incident is detected, Edge Explore 2 devices automatically send a message to the preset emergency contacts with the driver’s location.

These new GPS computers are compatible with Varia devices designed to increase visibility and safety on the road, such as the new Varia RCT715 with taillight and integrated camera that automatically records video in the event of an incident (sold separately). Also, if a cyclist stops to pause or admire the view, the bike alarm, protected by a PIN code, will alert your smartphone if your bike has been moved.

A connected meter

When the device is connected to a smartphone, the cyclist receives text messages and notifications directly on the screen of his Edge. After a bike ride, your device automatically syncs your activities with the Garmin Connect app for easy access to all statistics. Drivers can also customize their device by downloading features, apps and widgets from the Connect IQ store.

Price and availability

Edge Explore 2 is now available for an MSRP of $ 299.99. The Edge Explore 2 and the electrical assistance package are available at the suggested retail price of € 399.99. Edge-powered support can also be purchased separately for $ 129.99.

HRM Pro Plus belt

During indoor or mat training, the HRM-Pro Plus can instantly transmit recorded data to the Garmin connected watch without the athlete having to wear it on their wrist.

Compatible with ANT + and Bluetooth Low Energy technologies, the HRM-Pro Plus transmits real-time performance and heart rate data directly to Garmin connected watches, Edge bike computers, compatible fitness equipment, the Tacx Training app, and more month.

To help athletes improve their fitness and provide access to their running power data, the belt records running dynamics (Running Dynamics) and physiological measurements that include ground contact time, cadence, stride length, vertical oscillation and many other parameters.

This premium heart rate monitor belt can be used in the water and allows you to transfer and store heart rate data during swimming sessions. After swimming, this data is sent to a compatible smartwatch and displayed along with other data recorded during the swimming session.

When an athlete takes off their watch to participate in activities such as team sports, the HRM-Pro Plus can record various measurements, such as the number of steps taken, calories burned, or minutes of intensity, which will be synchronized. later with the watch and then transferred to the Garmin Connect app and the TrueUp feature.

The autonomy of the belt is 1 year. The battery compartment has been redesigned to adopt a quarter-turn system, which allows you to change the battery in a matter of seconds.

Price and availability

The HRM-Pro Plus is now available at a retail price of € 129.99.

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