National 1: Flavien Nouhaillaguet (RC Narbonnais) has “a little spirit of revenge for next season”

Landed from Aurillac in 2019, one of the captains of RC Narbonnais, Flavien Nouhaillaguet, had a difficult last season. Between injuries (Achilles tendon and thumb) and a five-week sanction, the third line missed half of the matches. After two weeks of summer preparation, he takes stock and plans for next season.

How are you doing after two weeks of summer preparation?

The first two weeks were well digested on a personal level. Tiredness has been slowly accumulating, but the last weekend did well to rest the bodies. We’re back at a good pace, I think last season. It’s a good thing, especially because we had a tricky vacation. With all the setbacks that have occurred during this low season, in the end we have not been able to get the rugby out of our heads, from our contracts, from our presidency. It was complicated as a vacation, I’m not going to lie. Now everything is fixed and we return with the right foot. Last year there was a change of staff, a new change in the game system. This year we maintained a framework of last year, with automation and a lexicon of rugby already present. We do more physical work and that’s good because we realized that we weren’t physically prepared enough last season.

New season, new group with many young people. How are you doing with all these changes?

You already think once you see that the youngest are from 2004, 15 years apart. (River). But okay, they’ve quickly integrated into the group, they want to work, they’re not there to laugh. We are still a few veterans, so we will have to integrate as best we can all these new additions that are coming little by little. We will have to teach them a little way so that we will be leaders, making the best possible performance on the pitch.

Personally, you have had a difficult season. Have you changed completely next season?

It is digested, but above all we will have to take advantage of the negative points of last season to avoid making the same mistakes. Personally, it won’t be digested at all until I put on this RCN t-shirt, the season hasn’t started. I completely missed my season as I came out of two pretty successful seasons. I have a bit of a vindictive spirit for what happened last year.

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“I have no doubt that there will be a lot of people at the beginning of the year”

The schedule has dropped, with a first game against Nice that brings back memories. Do you already have it in the back of your mind?

Obviously, we looked at the calendar. Above all, we want to start the season with a dynamic and a home game, that’s the best. But we will have to start with a victory. We have to rebuild this sports park, an impregnable citadel, on which we will have to build. Everyone at the right time, we are preparing for the moment, we have time to lift the sauce for this match against Nice. I think they have it more in the way than we do.

The victories will also allow to find the public in the stadium …

It’s obvious. We saw it well in the year of Nacional, where in January we started to win again and to relaunch a dynamic, all the people of Narbonne followed. But I have no doubt that at the beginning of the year there will be a lot of people, there is still a backbone of fans around this club, this city. It’s up to us to win and “Zaza” Marco, the new president of Racing Club Narbonnais, told us and he is absolutely right: “The supporters club will be more present, the club will be better, we will also be in the lead. We will have to start this season with our feet “.

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The low season hasn’t necessarily left you on vacation, how have you experienced things?

It’s over now. But during the holidays we talked about it to each other because we didn’t know what sauce we were going to eat. For our part, we had to re-sign our federal contracts. It was a tough time, especially after the season we had been through. It’s the first time I’ve seen a descent so it was tricky. It’s over, we need to recover and this wave of youth will bring us a positive boost.

The first friendly match against Montauban (August 5 in Leucate at 8pm) came quickly. Too fast maybe?

We’ll be five weeks of preparation I think, it doesn’t happen too fast. We have to get back to rugby, we will play against one of the most physical teams in Pro D2, so this will set in motion our ideas about the commitment we have to make. Behind us, we will have a match against Nimes (August 19 at the sports park, editor’s note) that was not far from climbing to National 1. A tough team that will prepare us well to attack the season.

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