Narbonne: The victory of RCN Crabos is that of a great team

A look back at RCN Crabos’ victory last Sunday against Biarritz.

The Sacred Crabs against Biarritz

In the town of Fousseret, Crabos du Racing won the Crabos Challenge off the coast of Biarritz (20-16). It is certainly “only” the bis championship of the category, but when we see that clubs like Stade Français, Toulon, Agen, Mont-de-Marsan, Aurillac, Vannes, Béziers or Nevers were in competition, it would be unfair. to devalue this competence. The Narbonnais had the great merit of having surpassed all these beautiful people, and therefore the Biarrots in the final: “The Basques have a great team, very promising because they have players born in 2005. They were certainly better than us on many levels, but we had that extra spirit and solidarity that often makes a difference in the key moments.”, admitted Aude coach Christophe Moreno, after the final whistle. Headed by a small point (15 to 16) just minutes from the end, the “orange and black” showed incredible dominance by giving up trying two penalties, to put the test of “winning”.

No shield raised

Narbonnais Crabos and his staff celebrated the title properly on Sunday evening. But they intend to do it again, simply because they did not have the legitimate pleasure of lifting the shield after the final. Indeed, the famous “piece of wood” had been, according to the FFR version, stuck to the post office. If there is nothing dramatic in this setback, it is still a bit messy for one of the most prestigious sports federations in France. There is no doubt that when this shield reaches Narbonne, it will travel through the four corners of the city and its surroundings.

The coaches’ tribute to their foals

Crabos coaches Vincent Lagasse and Christophe Moreno will be out of Narbonne next season. They leave this group with a title in their pocket, not without paying a good tribute to them: “We accompanied a strong group of people, who like to wear the ‘orange and black’ shirt. Before the final, we multiplied the meetings off the pitch, and I can assure you that their spirit is remarkable. The club has to trust these young people, and all these people, certainly too few, but who do a lot of work in training and who love racing. “Vincent Lagasse points out, while Christophe Moreno does not forget the path taken by the players: “At the start of the season we were looking for benchmarks, and the change to the Crab Challenge allowed us to move forward at our own pace. their own story to the end, with a lot of heart. It was very gratifying for me to work with them, and I hope they have a chance to relive an adventure like this. “.

The winners of the Crabos Challenge

Whether they played all the games or only occasionally participated, it was a group that contributed to winning the title, and the coaches did not want to forget anyone: Benito Delacruz, Gaby Atlan, Indy Boumlil, Dorian Cushionoux, Maxime Leroy, Lino Martinez, Vincent Matutane, Greg Labit, Pablo Barbaste, Théo Gomez, Anthony Guirado, Lilian Leydet, Romain Baraille, Zack Firley, Mathys Falguera, Alexis Espuna, Jude Pullen, Quentin De Pablo, Sacha Atlan, Mathieu Solere, Evan Noel, Tom Costa, Calvin Kochanowski, Pierre Jean Ramond, Valentin Carriere, Pierre Simon Leger, Thomas Garrido, Pablo Petit, Louis Girault, Alexandre Galy, Riyane Ztouti, Pierre Begue, Thibault Goixart, Axel Charrie, Enzo Dos Santos, Cédric Belmonte, Robin Ferrie, Léo Ducasse, Mattéo Boye.

They join the training center

The winners of the Crabos challenge, Théo Gomez, Grégoire Labit and Gaby Atlan will sign a 2-year agreement that will link them to the Racing Training Center: “Theo is physically and technically prepared. He is a good defender and has advanced as a scorer in contact with Pierre Alexandre Dut.Sébastien Buada specifies, equally praiseworthy with the other two: “Greg is a ball carrier, able to play and make a decisive pass. He has a lot of physical work ahead of him. As for Gaby, he is already physically prepared. He is a leader who works hard. He has a few match sheets. with the Espoirs, including one as a starter ”. More than ever, Racing will rely on its youngsters to find a new life.

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