MotoGP, Valentino Rossi 2015: Jorge Lorenzo reveals the truth

Jorge Lorenzo confides in Dazn about the 2015 MotoGP season: the title thrown at Valentino Rossi and the deterioration of relations with Yamaha.

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Jorge Lorenzo he made MotoGP history for over a decade and even after his farewell in late 2019, he never left the paddock. A one-year contract as a test driver for Yamaha, a 2021 exercise as a commentator on his YouTube channel and this year he is Dazn’s special correspondent. In the last chapter of ‘La Caixa de Dazn’ he recounted some of the key moments of his sporting career, such as his battle with Valentino Rossi in Montmeló 2009.

After his farewell to the 2019 World Cup, the five-time Mallorcan world champion focused on other professional projects and travel, often becoming a protagonist on television with his always lucid and sincere stories. Jorge Lorenzo he knows how to be frank and therefore sometimes unpleasant, but getting his attention is always his forte, especially when the historical rival Valentino Rossi is at the heart of his arguments. His participation in the 100 km from the Champions last December shows that professional tensions are only a distant memory between the two men.

Like the Montmeló race of 2009, with that advance of the Doctor that marked history … ” By the media, this race will be remembered much more in favor of Valentino because he won and humiliated me in this corner. Yes, he humiliated me in that last corner, because I made a small mistake and he took advantage of my inexperience., without covering that void I left him. He took advantage of it knowing that if he closed the door we would both fall (laughs, editor’s note). But fans remember this race as one of the most exciting, which had an even more exciting ending. And it also meant losing the championship because maybe if he had won he would have had more options to fight him. »

Jorge Lorenzo: in 2015, Yamaha was more interested in Valentino Rossi’s victory for media reasons

At the end of the 2016 season, relations with Yamaha separated, mainly as a result of the complaint to the CAS for the facts between Valentino Rossi i Marc Márquez during the 2015 Sepang race “. A controversy that turned the team spirit upside down a bit because in the end everyone was looking after their own interests and I had to watch my own. “, Confessed the Mallorcan. ” I had to play my cards. It wasn’t good for Yamaha, because they were more interested in Valentino’s victory for a media reason. “.

Relations with the Japanese manufacturer are at the end of their course, Jorge Lorenzo he went to Ducati, where he already has a good relationship Gigi Dall’Igna. ” I had been riding the same bike for many years and working with the same group of people, I lacked a bit of motivation and wanted to try to win with another bike … And it could have worked. »

After winning the 2015 MotoGP title, years of fasting followed for Yamaha, however Fabio Quartararo was in charge of bringing Iwata back to the top of the World Championship. Many compare themselves to the French Jorge Lorenzo because the driving styles of the two champions have some differences: He is more aggressive than me when it comes to braking, he moves the bike a little more. But yes, we both open the curve a lot, we always try to prepare well the exit of the curves by braking a little earlier and opening the accelerator very soon. He also won the championship at the age of 23, like me in 2010. »

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