MotoGP technique: Suzuki continues to develop the GSX-RR, despite its withdrawal from the category at the end of the season

Suzuki will leave MotoGP after the last race of this season. The Hamamatsu builder will say goodbye to the paddock at the end of the Valencia Grand Prix paying penalties for not respecting the terms of his contract with Dorna that led him to continue competing until 2026. A sad epilogue to an adventure begun eight years ago years, marked by a world title of drivers in 2020 with Joan Mir. And for Suzuki’s final season, it’s safe to say that things aren’t quite planned out, and it’s certainly not for lack of trying.

At the start of the season, a new engine and a new chassis, but since then things have gone a little wrong.

Suzuki started the 2022 season with a new engine and chassis upgrade. The new engine developed by the technical teams helped give the riders the power they needed and allowed them to keep up with some of the V4s on the straights. Suzuki also changed its chassis, but the updates were not visible from the outside. As we’ve seen throughout the first part of the 2022 season, it looks like the changes have helped Alex Rins and haven’t worked so well for Joan Mir.

In fact, Joan Mir has often complained that he has problems in the braking phases and, although he has improved in this area in recent races, he remains his biggest problem.

With Suzuki announcing it will leave MotoGP at the end of 2022, technical updates have been few and far between this season, but there have been a few.

Joan Mir regularly used this new rocker. It differs from the standard version by the weld that passes just above the hole.

We observe here the standard version, and so we observe the absence of welding in the new version. Alex Rins continued to use this swinging arm exclusively. He has tried the new one in tests but has not used it in the races and so far Joan Mir has alternated between the two available dump trucks, suggesting that he is not convinced 100 percent of the usefulness of this evolution, which modifies its rigidity.

During the season we have seen an evolution of Joan Mir’s bike, with these devices that help him keep his knees during the braking phases. By 2022 they have become a little more pronounced and angular, but they have also been cut more at the front to allow the rider to stick better at the elbows.

The first photo in this file shows the original version of these knee pads.

His teammate Alex Rins does not use such devices, and therefore makes great efforts on the thighs during the braking phases.

Although Suzuki leaves the category at the end of the season, engineers are still developing new parts. Joan Mir and Alex Rins have received aerodynamic evolutions and use different ones. Alex Rins uses this version, but Joan Mir has one that keeps the classic upper fins and only adds lower side fins.

It was a request that Suzuki riders had for a long time. They wanted more aerodynamic force to limit the wheels off the curves.

The 2022 Suzuki GSX-RR has not been as easy to use as expected so far. After such a promising start that saw them get stronger and stronger in the first four races, their season broke down a bit. Bad luck and a bike that doesn’t seem to live up to the winning prototypes has seen them fight hard to get to the top 5 instead of the podiums and victories they deserve.

It’s a shame to see Suzuki suffer so much bad luck in its final season. His machine is without a doubt one of the best bikes of recent years and his history since his return to the MotoGP category in 2015 has been one of true courage and determination.

There are only 9 races left on the calendar to take advantage of Suzuki’s last laps in MotoGP, hoping to see them get on the podium for the last time.

Everyone must remain professional until the end of the season, be it the mechanics, the technical teams or the drivers. It’s a beautiful image that the whole team sends!

Photos: Dorna Sports

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