MotoGP ‘Spy Attitude’: aerodynamics had the wind in the sails in the heat of the Sachsenring

Last weekend, in Germany, on the Sachsenring track, Fabio Quartararo gave us a triumphant recital about Johann Zarco. It was the first race weekend after the official day of testing in Barcelona, ​​which was crucial to prepare for the second half of the season but also to guide the development of the 2023 season. But many changes have been approved. and already adopted by the pilots. , particularly from an aerodynamic point of view.

Over the weekend, Alex Márquez used one of the aerodynamic packages he had the opportunity to test during the recent official test in Barcelona.

It’s very similar to what they used last season with just a few tweaks: these fins provide a little less aerodynamic strength than the 2022 fins, which all other Honda riders have used this weekend. This means that Alex Márquez has used his wildcard, with the riders only allowing an aerodynamic upgrade throughout the season. Also, in 2022 you will only be able to use this package or go back to the one you used before.

We also saw Alex Márquez riding one of the chassis used by Takaaki Nakagami since the beginning of the season, after having tested it in the Catalan Test and it seems that there is something he likes, because he is enjoying ‘he reused in Germany. . Interestingly, there are currently four different chassis options available from Honda, but the Japanese driver had been the only one to use this one until Germany. Maybe in the next events we will see Pol Espargaro or even Stefan Bradl wearing it as well.

Suzuki also tested the different aerodynamic options that the technical teams had brought to the Catalan test. Although Alex Rins did not start the race, due to his still sore wrist, he rolled with this new aerodynamic package all weekend. It’s the first of two new aerodynamic packages available for Suzuki riders, and with Alex Rins testing this one race weekend, that means he’ll use it as an aerodynamic evolution for the season.

His colleague Joan Mir, meanwhile, has adopted the second evolution. In this one, the upper fins are the same as the classic ones, but the side fins are now arranged further down. Joan Mir used it practically all weekend in Germany, and as he says it helped him a lot, giving him the feeling he had lost with the GSX-RR.

However, his Sunday did not go as planned, as he made a late tire change, choosing hard instead of medium, and struggled to make it work before crashing into the first rounds.

Inside the Mattighofen factory, there were also aerodynamic developments on the runway. Miguel Oliveira returned to his original 2022 fairing in Germany, this is what you see in the photo above, where the set of upper fins is slightly different and this configuration has the lower side fins.

The Portuguese pilot has not commented on his desire to return to this aerodynamic evolution.

Whatever the reasons, he was not the only one to return to the old aerodynamic package, as within the Tech3 team was also the choice of Raúl Fernández, who finished 12th, his best result until now in the queen category.

You can see the aerodynamic difference between the RC16s of Raul Fernández and his teammate Remy Gardner, in the photo behind him, who chose to continue with the new aerodynamic package.

Last weekend in Germany, Maverick Viñales used the revolutionary new fairings in his Aprilia, which debuted at the official test day in Barcelona. This fairing is used for the ground effect, to create some aerodynamic force in curves at high speeds and to allow the tire to bend to generate more grip.

Maverick Viñales seems to value this aerodynamic contribution, which is without a doubt one of the reasons why the Aprilia rider has been very competitive this weekend, despite having been withdrawn due to a technical problem. With more pressure applied to the tires at high tilt angles, it may give you a little more confidence on the first few laps when the tires are not yet fully warm.

Another notable detail of Maverick Viñales’ Aprilia is the position of the adjustable footrest, which the rider has been evolving for some time. In this photo, they are as far back as possible and in the highest position.

This photo was taken in Mugello. Here, too, their footrests were mounted as high as possible but, unlike the previous image, as far forward as possible. It may be just another small change that gave Maverick Viñales the click to get the comfort and confidence you need with the Aprilia.

Photos: Dorna Sports

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