MotoGP: On the ropes, Franco Morbidelli is supported by the VR46 Academy with Luca Marini

The case of Franco Morbidelli in MotoGP has this particularity that the more we talk about it with reassuring words at Yamaha and in the paddock, the more concern there is. And for good reason: the Italo-Brazilian shouldn’t even be subject, as he has a contract that guarantees him an M1 within the Iwata brand’s factory team until 2023. But his results are so depressing and the solutions, to recover, so impossible to find that no one sees this crisis continuing for another season. The person himself does not deny his difficulties and knows that he must go through a complete rethinking of his approach and driving style to remedy them. A colossal job that hasn’t even begun… Fortunately, the world runner-up can count on the moral support of his VR46 teammates to breathe a little…

Franco Morbidelli knows that he will be the center of attention in the last stretch of this season that will start at Silverstone, from the first free practice of the British Grand Prix on August 5. While his teammate Fabio Quartararo is fighting for a second World Championship title at the front of the stage, he fails to get off the bottom of the starting grid, on the same bike. He knows what’s up, mostly because he’s him. He has already analyzed your situation and delivered this expertise: ” I understood one important thing: to be fast on this bike, i have to change. Although I know my driving style pays off in certain conditions and with a certain chassis. But i have to change. I ride this chassis, this bike, on this team, i will change “.

Yes, but when and how? And what does he mean by this allusion that his driving style pays off in “certain conditions and with a certain chassis”? Would you like other teams to know about your case? So a rumor begins to spread contact the RNF team who will it go to April in 2023, and which he met under the banner of Petronas with Yamahas under the direction of a Ramon Forcada with whom he experienced success and the beautiful consolation of being vice-champion of the world. Given his current situation, we imagine that “Francky” would like to find his main good time mechanic.

But we’re not there yet. For now, we must maintain our position, because a premature end of the lease with Yamaha it can only come from a conventional break requested by the pilot. Will he stand morally for a long time against a colleague whose performance discredits him with every print of a time sheet? To help him through this ordeal, he can at least count on Tavullia’s beloved VR46 academy.

You can’t become like any other driver and I think that’s the key for Franco Morbidelli

Luca Marini so has this thought for him, formulated in GPOne from the WDW Misano : ” I haven’t talked to him much because these are difficult speeches to make. When we don’t feel well, we go through a difficult period, we don’t want to be there to bother him. We always prefer to talk about something else and then think about training and competition, without focusing on the negative aspects. begins the half-brother of Valentino Rossi.

Then continue: I don’t know, Franco also had a pretty big injury, lost a lot of time and a lot of races. The rehabilitation was not easy and then the bike was changed compared to what he had in 2020. Yamaha followed Fabio throughout development because he had him as a rider and he won the races, so that was good. Maybe they don’t have the same riding style and so it’s hard for him to adjust. You can try to adapt, improve, but you can’t become like another rider and I think that’s the key. In my opinion, Franco was severely penalized by the injury, but I’m sure he’ll be back on top. Someone who wins MotoGP races and is second in the world championship has already proven everything in my opinion “. But in MotoGP, you never really live on your laurels.

Franco Morbidelli

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